Coping up with respiratory allergies through Yoga

lady suffering from Allergy

Allergies are known to affect millions of people across the globe. Respiratory allergies, in particular, are the most common types of allergies that are said to cause nuisance for many of us. Mainly affecting the respiratory system, this type of allergy can be attributed to dust, pollens, food, latex rubber, air pollution and even medicines. Respiratory allergies are often accompanied by nose and throat irritation, watery eyes, sneezing and conjunctivitis as well. So, how does one deal with such allergies? Thankfully, Yoga has a way out for it. Discussed underneath are ways how Yoga can help you get rid of acute respiratory allergies.

Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma

Kapalabhati is said to be one of the most effective breathing techniques that not only helps cleanse your system but also brings down the levels of tension and anxiety. For those of you who often are troubled by excessive mucus, Kapalabhati can prove to be a magical remedy. Herein, one intentionally breathes in a faster manner. Remember this technique involves breathing only through abdomen. The Alternate Nostril Breathing technique, known as Anuloma Viloma, involves inhaling through one nostril, retaining the breath and exhaling through another one.

Surya Namaskar

Also known as Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar Yoga pose comprises of 12 positions that are to be performed as one continuous exercise. Performing this on a regular basis can bring in optimum results that you would have never thought of.


Also called as Lotus Yoga Pose, Padmasana involves sitting with crossed legs in an upright position. Padmasana is highly renowned for improving concentration levels and stimulating body parts and processes.


The Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana helps enhance the flexibility of spines and makes muscles stronger. It involves lying on the stomach and resting the head on lower arms. This Yoga pose also proves helpful in alleviating stress, one of the common causes of respiratory allergies.


Practicing the tree pose or tadasana is immensely helpful in improving the flexibility of groin and hips. It also improves the levels of concentration considerably.

Child Pose

This Yoga pose includes stretching hips, thighs, back muscles, shoulders and ankles as well. It helps relax your body and even regulates circulation.

While it is important for those suffering from respiratory allergies to practice Yoga on a daily basis, the importance of medicines cannot be undermined. These Yoga poses help manage allergic reactions and alleviate the symptoms. Always make sure to consult your doctor in case you are suffering from any kind of respiratory allergy.

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