Binge Eating Disorder Alternative Medicine

binge eating disorder

Binge Eating Disorder: Alternative Medicine

Top Alternative Medicine

1. Clove paste with lime juice

Soak a few cloves overnight and make a paste in the morning. Add a spoonful of lime juice and eat this paste on an empty stomach. This is known to reduce appetite and is an excellent alternative medicine for binge eating disorder. Just chewing one or two cloves after meals or slowly sipping on their juice is also equally effective in combating binge eating.

2. Orange juice

Drinking orange juice daily is known to aid digestion and correcting any bowel disorders. Orange juice is also an excellent anti-oxidant with large amounts of vitamin C that help in keeping you fresh and active. It is advisable to drink freshly squeezed orange juice rather than the store bought ones for better effect.

3. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a mind soother and helps in combating nervousness and panic. Drinking chamomile tea aids in keeping you calm, composed and confident. Thus, you do not require to resort to binge eating as you are no longer nervous as before. Chamomile tea can be taken three to four times a day for great efficacy.

4. Ginger paste

Taking a spoonful of ginger paste with lime juice and a pinch of salt in the morning and at night helps you improve your eating habits and avoid binge eating in an effective way. The episodes of over eating reduce and this is known to provide peace of mind too. Ginger paste can also be added in vegetable curries or salads in order to gain from its medicinal properties.

5. Vegetable soups

Soups made from vegetables such as tomato, cabbage, spinach, and onions are amazingly effective in controlling binge eating episodes. Soups make your stomach feel full and remain so for a longer time than otherwise. Liberal helpings of soups can help you combat binge eating in a remarkable way.

6. Chilies

Chilies help in improving your basal metabolism and make you feel less hungry between meals. Red chilies in the form of pickles or green chilies can be taken in moderation as an alternative medicine to binge eating. Moreover, chillies make the food spicy, thereby reducing the amount of food taken. Red chili paste can be added to pickles and consumed with food to help you curb desire for fatty foods and fried snacks.

7. Indian spices

Adding Indian spices to your daily foods reduces your appetite considerably and consequently makes you eat less. Spices such as pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom aid in digestion and also reduce the craving for food. A mixture of all spices can be added into your curries to aid in effective control from binge eating.

8. Chewing gum

Chewing gum is an excellent alternative to binge eating. Not only does it give you false satisfaction that you are eating something, it also increases the salivary output, thus improving digestion and metabolism. Instead of eating unwanted savories, try chewing gum in between meals to combat with binge eating. Chewing gums with added mint are good to promote concentration, confidence, and control of the mind, resulting in better eating patterns.

9. Green tea

Green tea is an excellent stimulant that contains plenty of anti-oxidants. Consuming green tea two to three times a day lifts up your spirits and also reduces the number of binge episodes. Green tea should be consumed without cream or milk, as a decoction for increased efficacy.

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