8 Yoga Poses for Strong, Lean and Sexy Legs

May it be winter, the season of parties or summer, the season of beaches, toned legs are essential for looking stylish. However, lack of exercise, desk jobs and unhealthy eating habits often leave legs anything but toned. Practicing yoga is great for toning legs and utilized by several celebrities for the same.

Since there are many yoga poses, each offering some special physical benefits, finding out the best yoga poses for legs is a difficult task. Moreover, not all yoga poses will have the same effect on the legs. To make it easier for you a list of the most effective yoga poses for legs have been listed in the following.

The Triangle Pose or Trikonasana

Yoga women isolated

The main objective of doing yoga for legs is stretching the muscles adequately so they are more toned and strong. For this purpose the Trikonasana is ideal. To perform it you have to stand with legs three feet apart. Now first stretch out the right leg so that the foot is at 90-degree angle with the way your body is facing.

Now bend a little backwards and then start bending the right shoulder towards the outward stretched feet. Make sure that your torso is in line with the feet. Hold the sheen or ankle of your right leg with the right hand and raise the left hand so that both hands form a straight line. Repeat this pose with the left leg.

The Chair Pose or Utkatasana

 Chair yoga Pose

Stand straight and raise both your hands above the head and touch the palms together. Next you have to bend the knees, lowering the thighs as close to the floor as possible. In this pose your torso will be at ninety-degree angle with your thighs.

You now have to make sure that the inner thighs are parallel to each other and the heads of thigh bones further press down towards the heels. Hold this pose for 30 seconds before rising again to normal standing pose with a slow inhalation.

The Lord of the Dance Pose or Natarajasana

dance pose

Stand straight with legs close. Now raise the right leg backwards towards the hip and bend slightly at the knees so that you can hold the feet with your right hand. Stretch out the left arm above. Throughout the practice of this pose keep your torso upright and try to maintain the balance.

The Tree Pose or Vrikshahsana

Stand in the mountain pose with your feet close to each other. Thereafter shift body weight onto the left leg and raise right leg from the ground. Place the sole of right feet close to your groin on the inner thigh of the left leg. Simultaneously lift both hands above head and hold them together in anjali mudra.

The Warrior II Pose

 warrior pose

Stand tall in mountain pose again and then part the legs about 4 feet. Now turn the right foot out at 90 degree angle and move the left leg more leftward. Now you have to squat at the hip downwards without bending the left leg. This way more pressure is on the right leg. Stretch out both arms straightly and breathe deeply. Repeat it with left leg.

The Garland Pose

 The Garland Pose

From mountain pose slowly squat down with your feet close to each other. It is advisable to keep the feet on the floor or else one can also use a mat for resting the ankles. Do not touch the back to the ground and hold hands together in Anjali mudra.

The Bound Angle Pose

 bound pose

It is an easy yoga pose. You have to sit down on a mat with your legs out in front. Then you have to fold the legs and bring the ankles in front of your groin. Hold the big toes of your both feet with your thumb and index fingers. Lengthen your torso in this pose through sternum. There is no need to force the knees down.

The Big Toe Pose

The Big Toe Pose

A more common yoga pose, the Big Toe Pose requires one to stand straight in Mountain Pose. Then they have to bend their back from tailbone downwards so that they can touch and hold the big toes. It may not be easy to master the art of bending down to the feet. Do it gradually.

Each of the yoga poses mentioned above is good for a different part of the leg. If you really want to trim and tone your legs for the party season make a routine of exercise with these yoga poses in it. Regular practice will reduce cellulite and make your legs appear firm.

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