Wix filters: Your engine’s guardian

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Wix filters had launched this print advertisement campaign was to promote its brand name by boasting efficiency that indirectly compares it with other oil filters. The advertisement campaign apparently aims at comparing the oil filter as protector, guardian and a superhero that keeps engine always fit and healthy. The advertisement has focused on producing visually effective campaign and just showing the product with little make up to appear as a superhero, angel or else.

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Along with its dull presentation the text of the ad also limps in its presentation and grammar. However, the art direction of the campaign has done a remarkable job and only this exercise of the campaign has helped the advertisement to look somewhat presentable.

The text of the ad reads, ‘A Wix filter can increase an engine’s life 20 times longer than the leading brand. In simpler terms, it will save its life. No wonder engines love them. Where it counts’. The campaign is credited to Wray Ward Laseter, Charlotte NC, USA.

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