Marketing Mantra: Use simple marketing strategies

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Many people find marketing as a very complicated thing. You might be using various marketing strategies, but still do not get good results. The reason is the faulty notion that marketing needs to be so many things done together. There is a lot of hype about various new ways to market your brand. However, the key to marketing success is to know which of these methods to use and which to avoid. You need to be sure about whether you should market your product on most social media sites or on a chosen few. It is always beneficial to take advantage of simple marketing strategies to promote your business. Some of these simple methods are listed below:

1. Use Emails

Sending emails to interested customers informing them about your products, new launches, schemes, etc. is very effective. The customers who have given you email addresses are genuinely interested in your products and want to know more about them. Build an email list and communicate with your customers regularly.

2. Send invoices

Send invoices to customers either by print or electronically and inform them about your products and services, and what services you offer. This will enhance the awareness about your products and help them in deciding to buy more from you.

3. Create a blog

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A blog will help you in propagating your point of view and make customers interested in your products. A blog gives you an opportunity to maintain personal relationship with your customers. Try to communicate with them and encourage them to give their point of views.

4. Give discounted service or sample initially

This will encourage your customers to use your product or services. Target specific audiences and lure the customers towards your product. When they have good experience with the product, they will surely come back again. You can use this strategy online too. When a customer visits your site, and is interested in your product, you can offer them discount coupon or other incentive. This produces very good response.

5. Respond fast to complaints

If a customer is not satisfied with your product or service, be polite and try to help redress the problem. You should not be rude in any case. Fast response to grievances enhances goodwill and results in customer satisfaction. This will surely result in positive referrals to your future clients. Positive image of your product is very important in increasing sales.

Some of the simple strategies help in increasing the sales. With coordinated marketing plan, which involves various marketing strategies along with advertisements you can get the kind of marketing result you want. No one strategy can work on its own. A well-orchestrated marketing plan, which is simple as well as cost effective, can give you rich dividend. If you follow these simple steps consistently, you will increase your sale with time. No strategy works overnight, you have to persist with it and modify it if requied.

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