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Indecision is a momentary hindrance we face several times. It is moment that keeps visiting us frequently either individually or in a group at times. The whole of your life depends on your decision making skill and an enhancement of this skill will definitely ensure a better life ahead. Every task you entail requires a decision basis the possible options and the later consequences. Various books have been written on this and methods of enhancing this skill have been mentioned. Here we provide you with different ways in which you can increase your capability of decision making.

Alternative thinking

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Tame your brain to consider alternatives in life. It is only when you start thinking and create alternatives do alternatives arise. Research shows that thinking about the contraries will generate better decision making skills.

Counter framing the questions

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Our brain ensures memories get saved with background, so while considering any issue we depend mostly on our memories. In fact politicians and public figures use this to their advantage and impose their thoughts on us. You can handle such situations by counter framing the questions and reframing your thought.

Take decisions when your mind is calm and relaxed

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This is a point we all have been reminded innumerable times, however, while making decisions we generally slip this off the mind. It is still and will always be the best guidance for making proper decisions. A calm mind works much faster and much better. Take decisions only when your mind is in control.

Set concrete goals

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A mind cannot follow abstract things. It starts wandering with thoughts like “study more” and “control your diet.” Set goals and targets that are concrete like “complete your studies by 9 pm each day” and “replace junk food on weekend by salads.” Following such goals is easier and it will enhance your decision making skill.

Pros and Cons of a decision

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Prior to taking a decision, always consider the pros and cons to it. Check their weightage and consider the consequences well, this will entail you to take a better decision. It would require slight analysis on your part, wherein you need to examine the outcomes considering the positive as well as the negative side to it. The weightage of the two determines your opportunity cost for each decision. Hence decision making becomes more fruitful.

Significance of your decision


How significant the effect of your decision is depends on the decision. How it benefits you? Consider these options and take a decision. Our thoughts and emotions at the time of taking a decision influence our decision. So it’s best to remove all unwanted thoughts and concentrate more on how significant this decision will be for you in future.

Research is important

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With the technological tools research is easy. So prior to taking a decision, research well. If it is related to a product purchase, check out various sites and various options. Consider the feedbacks on the products and then take a decision. Your research will benefit you and aid your decision making ability.

Get personal assistance

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Try getting personal opinion from a reliable source. Your confidence and decision can be supported in turn improve your decision making skill. A well informed source will give you the required confidence you lack on.

Rational Self

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It has been stated by researchers that reminding yourself of rational thinking will help you take better decisions. Our memories being guided on background, influence of others and emotions, it’s important to have a rational thinking power. Practising this will ensure better skills on decision making.

Do not let indecision be a problem that keeps you dithering when considering something important. Hone your skills, and learn to steer clear of the trap.

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