Leveraging Customer Reviews For Your Marketing Tactics

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You may have managed to establish your product as a brand, and you might also have started getting some great feedback. All those positive reviews must be making you feel great, but what next? It is important that you make use of these reviews for marketing your product.

  1. Keep a track of the online feedback

Just listing your business on different websites is not enough. It is important that you keep a track of the feedback that you get from customers on these websites. As per research, a large chunk of online users make use of these reviews to decide if the company or product is good. Go ahead and spend sometime to make an impressive profile. Remember online reviews will help you in building up your reputation.

  1. Response matters

You are bound to get positive as well as negative reviews. Customers will also approach you when there is a problem. Learn to respond to these reviews. If it is positive then thank the customer for the motivation. If it is negative, try to discuss the problem and try to give the customer a satisfactory solution. This will not only create a positive image in front of existing customers, but even future customers who read the review will feel that this is a trustworthy company.

  1. Send a review link with the email signature

It is important to encourage customers to write reviews about your product as it will help you understand where your business stands. One way of making customers visit the review page and leave feedback is by sending review link with your email signature. This way with every email that is sent from your office, review link will also be sent. You will be surprised to see that quite a few existing customers will make use of this link.

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  1. Consistent and detailed profiles

If you want online users to spend time on your page, then it is important that you have consistent and detailed profiles on all the websites. Give a detailed information about the nature of your business,company profile,hours of operation, details about any branches that you may have in the same city or in other cities etc.

  1. Keep it simple   

Don’t have a complicated customer review form which will confuse the customer and he might not bother to write a detailed review. Let the customer review form be as simple as possible. One of the best and easy ways to make your customers feel that you need their feedback is by sending customer review emails. This will make your customers feel that you truly value their opinion.

  1. Sharing of reviews

It is important that you share reviews that you have received from existing customers with your new customers. You can send emails with the customer feedback. You can also share the positive reviews on social platform. You can also make a group of your loyal customers the brand ambassadors of your product. They can write about your product and their experience while using it. This way you will get genuine and unique content to promote to your customers.

  1. Make use of tools and outsourcing methods

There are some tools that you can use to direct your customers to websites where they can leave review about your product. Some of these tools are absolutely free. You can also take help from other companies to contact your customers and get feedback from them about your product and services.

Customer reviews are meant to be analysed and can be used to promote your product among your target audience. It is important that you make use of these customer reviews in the best possible way for marketing.

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