Astonishing similarities between chess and business strategies

similarities between chess and business strategies
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Chess is a very enjoyable game that requires lots of patience and clear thinking. If you want to win a game of chess you must be able to plan your moves ahead of time. There is a lot of similarity between the strategies of chess and business management. Playing chess can provide some insights that can change the way you handle your business. The most basic strategy of chess is to make a difference by positioning the pieces you have got on your side. The difference in positioning helps you move more freely and strategically to defeat the opponent. In business too it is necessary to find out the differences between your products and that of your competitors. These differences have to be advertised well to make your products more popular than those of your competitors.

While playing chess your focus should not be on saving or moving any one of the pieces. You have to consider the importance, value and function of all the pieces and evaluate the consequences of moving a piece. Business is a team game where the work of every employee and employer matters. Each employee has got a special skill that can help in taking your business forward. You have to use the skills of every employee properly for getting ahead of the competitors.

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Chess teaches us a very important lesson that can be applied in business as well as in life. Both business and a game of chess can be very uncertain. You cannot control everything that happens on the chess board. So when you are planning a chess move or a business strategy it is crucial to think about the steps you will take if an unprecedented occurrence takes place. Being prepared for facing the challenges life throws your way is the best way of winning.

A chess strategy may take some time before showing results on the board. Likewise, a business strategy may need time before getting you the expected results. Having patience is always better than giving up. Another chess strategy is to looking at the board and concentrating on the game instead of the opponent. In business too it is important to focus on the goals of selling and grabbing more share of the market instead of fearing the already established competitors. You may be able to offer something that your competitors cannot.

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