Good Magazine: clean ideas on dirty water.

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To hype world water day and to make awareness about the unhealthy effects of unclean water, Good Magazine, presents scenes from classic American movies, giving ‘dirty water’ versions for them. There are versions from Psycho , Cool Hand Luke and Crocodile Mile version.

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The scenes indicate the ‘dirtiest effect’ of unclean water. These scenes grab our attention owing to the familiarity with those classic scenes and the positive thing about them are it is easy to familiarize with them soon. In advertising, flirting with classic movies is not a new thing. To a large extent, it is effective too, since the interesting factor remains intact from the very beginning.

Anyway, there is a fresh line of thought, though this kind of ads is not rare. But, the way the targeted idea is incorporated in the scenes, is quite creative. Watch out.

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