8 Ways of Using Social Media Effectively

Using Social Media Effectively
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Social media has become an important part of everyone’s life right now. Our day starts and ends on our smartphones. However, most of us use social media just to while away our time and nothing meaningful comes out of it. This is precisely why it is important to learn the ways of using social media effectively as we need to improve the quality of our lives apart from getting ourselves entertained.

If you seriously wish to generate a productive skill, get the benefits of social media, earn money on the side, or simply test your skills before a set of people, then social media is the place for it. Follow the steps given below to expose yourself to the changing perspective towards social media. Make your cell phone your asset and social media your playground!

For showcasing your talents:

Instagram Social media gives you a great space to let out your inner talents in front of a larger audience. You may be fond of writing, painting, dancing, singing, or acting funny. Whatever it may be, all you need to do is put up your artistic works on apps like Instagram and Facebook and let your followers be your judge.

You can find ways of using social media effectively in your free time and seek reviews from your audience to polish your skills. This can double up as one of your side hustles if you are looking to make serious money with your talents and creativity.

Making new friends:

Making new friends from all over the world may have been impossible until a few decades ago unless you physically visited a foreign land. However, now you can make create contacts and expand your network with the help of such apps and sites.

Who knows, that by using social media effectively, you might land a good prospective client or customer for your online business through it. Also, many people have even met their soul partners through Facebook and Twitter. You can be the next.

Speaking your mind:


Social media gives you an excellent space to speak your mind and place your opinions in front of people. You can garner plenty of attention by just addressing the elephant in the room as far as social issues are concerned. CloselyHQ provides for a unique way of using social media for your best interests.

In addition to that, you can raise your voice against injustice, bad customer service of companies, and common scams running across the country just by using hashtags. The power of using social media effectively is limitless, and beyond our means to fathom. Use this power to benefit the society and also yourself.

Growing your business:

business growth

Many business owners take to social media to market their stuff online. It is a cheap marketing gimmick with plenty of return on such a negligible investment, and one of the most underrated benefits of social media.

If you run a business, you can choose a social media influencer to promote your products or services, or you can promote yourself on your site if you have enough following. Your business will scale better heights if its presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is prominent enough for people to recognize it outside of the internet too.

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Affiliate marketing:

Using Social Media EffectivelyAs mentioned before, business owners are smart in using social media effectively. They pay social media influencers to market their products on their page. So, if you have enough followers on such sites, you can approach brands and ask them to advertise their products on your site so that their sales improve.

You can quote your rate depending upon the strength of your followers. This is a good way of using social media for personal gains, and to make some serious money for people with time on their hands and generate passive income on the side.

Get real-time news:

social mediaGone are the days when one needed to wait until the next day to know the latest happenings of the day before. When one turns to use social media effectively, any news spreads like wildfire. You can take advantage of this aspect of social media and keep yourself updated with what’s going on in any part of the world. Even small-town news reaches out to the public all over the world with relevant and trending hashtags and tweets and statuses. You can be the one to start that chain or be one of the links to spread the news.

Employment opportunities:

Employment opportunitiesMany business owners have understood the power of social media and are now promoting their business through it. Not only that, most companies even send out updates regarding any vacancy in their company. If you fit the role, you can go apply for it. If you use social media to put forth your creative skills and talents, there is a pretty fat chance you might just get picked by an artist himself to work alongside with!

Encounter new ideas and suggestions:

ideasIf you are stuck in a dilemma and can’t make up your mind about some common issues, you can start a poll on IG. This new feature allows you to interact with your followers and they choose one of the two options you provide them with. This works especially well for people with a massive following. If you are a content creator, you might want to know what your audience is interested in.

If you are an artist, you need to ask your audience what they’d prefer your next gig to be like. Such questions give room for new ideas and suggestion to pop up by conversing with the followers themselves. This is only possible on social media sites and apps.

Final verdict:

The above-mentioned tips and tactics don’t take up a lot of time to implement. If you are working up to 9 hours a day, or are a student in college or are simply looking for a job, you can still very well achieve everything that’s mentioned above. You can take to using social media effectively while commuting, standing in queues, and waiting at bus stops.

It is important that people understand the changing perspective towards social media. Squeeze in a little bit of time here and there as long as social media remains your side hustle. Once it gains enough power, you can run your account on a priority basis, and even sell it in exchange for a big sum.

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