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Importance of keeping an observant eye and listening to social media feedback

social media feedback

Consumers today are talking about brands, products and customer service issues on social media. It is expected to increase further given the fact that more of the world is going online. The vast social media platforms present today are the contributors for such an affair. The opinions shared on these social platforms helps create an image about your brand, product, services and more importantly you. People are forming a perception about a product based on the reviews written about it online. Facebook, Twitter, online blogs or discussion boards have a direct impact on the perception of the people regarding a product. There are several reasons why social media listening is important for businesses. These reasons are:

Social Media and strategic approach:

Incorporating and deeply integrating a social media, strategy in your business protocol has become of utmost importance today. Learning what people are saying about your brand or industry is an important tool for determining an effective social media strategy. It is an approach that will help understand the wave about your product better, and save your time and money.

Measuring Performances:

Social media listening helps you measure all the tactics for short-term campaigns. You can have a measure of the quality as well as the quantity matrices that reflect your overall performances. These are of utmost importance for they provide valuable insights by determining your social performance for Above the Line, Below the Line and integrated campaigns.

Brand Reputation and its Measure:

Conversation about a brand, product or industry is the reflection of its image in the online world. Adopting best practices in terms of customer services online is the new in thing these days. By being an active social media listener, you can identify all the harmful conversations that create a negative impact about your product so that you take up all the measures to undo the damage.

Product Development:

The best of all benefits that social media provides is the customer feedback that can be put to effective uses. Feedback is very important and has to be analyzed carefully. One has to have the right mindset to accept all kinds of feedback on the social portals, whether good or bad. Sometimes your brand or product is extensively criticized on these portals. This criticism has to be deeply understood in order to formulate a strategic approach, which helps in creating a positive image of the product in the market.

Competitive Edge:

Social listening campaigns should integrate the aspects of resource and time allocation towards the general discussions that occur holistically rather than only focusing on sole conversations or businesses. This will give the valuable competitive insights that will help you earn an edge over others in many regards.


Social listening is a great tool for benchmarking. The conversations that happen ingraining your product are highly important. More media conversations mean more popular is the product.

Influencing Agents:

Influencers love to talk about products, services, customer services and all that has a probability to be criticized on at least some grounds. One has to come in the good books of the influencers in order to earn a good name.

Social media listening helps you in identifying the voice of your audience and improving your marketing and business strategies, which are framed keeping in mind needs, preferences and feedback of the customers. The results will turn into your favor and your product becomes popular socially.

Summary: Social Media listening has opened up avenues that had been undercover until now. It helps you develop strategies that are customer sensitive and oriented. It helps you analyze the key embodiments that are attached to the realms of social media listening.

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