10 Things every author should do before sending book to publishers

sending book to publishers
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Digitization may have increased rapidly but the charm of books is still not lost on the reader. A good book sells like hot cakes and can get the author a lot of money. However, it all comes at a price and the author has to keep certain things in mind if he wants his book to flourish. We live in a world where merely a good content is not enough. It has to come up with several other strategies and most importantly the smart marketing strategies. So in this article we will be telling you about what every author should do before sending book to publisher. These tricks will ensure great success for your book and make it an instant best seller.

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Things every author should do for success of their books

  1. Start your blog:

    Start your blogTo make a name for yourself you cannot wait till the launch of your book. You must already have a steady base of readers and you must be a known figure if you want your book to succeed. It is unlikely that you would get good publishing companies to print your book if you have no background in writing. So start your own blog way before you launch your book. Write about issues close to your heart and build an audience for your works. By the time your book releases you will already be a known person and people will be eager to read what you have to offer through a book. Every author should do this for a guaranteed success on the launch of his book.

  2. Have a written marketing plan:

    This is extremely important to have in today’s world of advertisement. There are too many competitors in the market and if you want your book to come out victorious in the competition you must have a full proof marketing plan way before the launch of your book. It should have clear strategies on what steps would be taken immediately after publishing and how you would promote your book. This is something every author should do who has success on his mind.

  3. Build yourself a social media platform:

    Build yourself a social media platformAre you averse to the idea of social media? Well, sadly you can’t be if writing books is your calling and success is what you seek. Through social media you have to capture a reader base even before you start writing your book. People must know you well enough to invest later in buying your book. Write gripping articles on the issues and share your opinions on matters that will interest the people. This way your popularity will have grown by the time you do launch your book.

  4. The perfect launch plan:

    Now that you are sorted with the things to do before sending books to publisher, gear yourself for the perfect book This is extremely important if you want your books to create an impact. The perfect launch plan can be innovative or conventional. You can have tie ups with prominent authors to promote your book. Social media marketing is a nice way to propagate. You can even include PR groups and some contests to ignite the interest among the people.

  5. Good quality publisher:

    Good quality publisherThe quality of book cover and pages are important things that must be taken care of. First time authors should never ignore the importance of a good publisher. The looks of your book does matter when it is placed amongst thousands of other books and that is where the quality of your publisher comes in handy.

  6. Choose the best title:

    Every author should do a considerable amount of research before they fix on the title for their book. It is very important as the title catches the eye of the reader and gets him glued to your book. You can even consider opinion polls to see how your title is being received. The title should be such that it complements the content buy yet it should be one that gives the reader a lot to think about.

  7. Know the audience:

    Know the audience
    An author needs to have a good awareness regarding his audience base. Identify who are the potential readers of your book are and how they can receive it. Frame the content accordingly and add things that would interest them. This is also very important when it comes to the promotion of your book. The target audience would determine the kind of promotion you would get involved with.

  8. Acquire media lists:

    Few things sell without the aid of the media in today’s times. So for the best promotion of your book, make sure that you have the list of the media houses in business. If you can manage to acquire media lists that are relevant in your area then your job of selling the book would be a lot easier.

  9. Get testimonials:

    sending book to publishers
    Get the important authors and personalities to review your book. If that is possible you already have good credentials for selling your book. It would be extremely beneficial if you are a new author. Ask for these favors from the best of authors and this is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

  10. Giveaway around 100 copies:

    You must be prepared to give away a certain number of copies of your book. This serves as an important part of the initial promotion. It would help your book have the help of the word of mouth of the people. You may actually have to give away a certain number of books even more than hundred if you are looking to go big with your book.

Final words

The first time authors are always jittery in their approach. They are uncertain on what measures to adopt so as to ensure a good selling of their books. Publishing companies do know of a lot of tricks that work as marketing strategies but it is always beneficial if you know it too as an author. We hope this article did you good in this regard.

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