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Employers release recruitment ads to attract the best professionals for their organization. You probably see at least one job vacancy ad in a day, in newspapers and on the television or while browsing social media and public boards. Unless you are a job seeker, you tend to ignore the ads cause they are uninteresting. However, there are recruitment ads that capture your attention with their creative spin and innovative imagery.

The following ads are the highlights of a collection of ads used to quickly fill positions,

1. “OLD RECORD” Print Ad

Tagline: Looking for a new job? Get your own personal job agent at jobzonen.dk

The ad is simple, clearly expressing the role and services of the online job search site. Done by Hjaltelin agency of Denmark, It displays the reason why someone would want to quit their job and offers the site as a reprieve for the tired worker. A co-worker speaking like an old record (meaning repeating old stories), next to an apt image of a sleeping dog for further effect, annoys the woman enough that she thinks of the job search site. The ad commiserates and identifies with the audience in a very unique and straight-forward manner.

2. Tonic Communications recruitment ad

Tagline: Hungry designers wanted

A parody of the famous apple logo that is associated with design ingenuity and loved by designers. The ad, designed by Tonic Communications is attractive in its simplicity, delivering a strong secondary message. Clearly understood is that the company is looking for an innovative designer capable of imaginative thinking and explorative thought. In this case, the image is enhanced by the copy.

3. Trade Me Jobs: Smile

Tagline: Seriously big dough is here. Our new Six-figure jobs section has over 1,200 jobs offering $100k+

A funny ad that plays on the slang word of dough, referring to money. The display of the money shaped dough on a pan is a quirky way to attract views to the tagline and the company. Instead of going for bright, bold prints, the simple idea is enough to make a statement.

4. Serviceplan Recruitment: Organ donation, Heart

This vivid illustration of the skinless person is attention-grabbing, only by reading the copy does the viewer gets clarity on the company’s motives. Serviceplan, located in Germany, wanted to hire innovative professionals to their offices. With the use of audacious imagery complemented by a clever copy, they invited graphic design and advertising students to join their ranks. Asking them to “donate” their brains, hearts and eyes towards building a strong advertising company. On the surface, viewers think they know what the ad is about, on further scrutiny, something entirely different is revealed which is a very good twist.

5. Brandford Sub Aqua Advertisement

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The man represents the dedication and fervor required to work in the BSA Company, calling for people with a similar mind and skill set. BSA intended to recruit people in the local community where diving was a favorite pastime so they incorporated it into their campaign. Buzz created by the campaign among the public would encourage interest and applications. This simple creation speaks to local people and used inexpensive means to deliver the company’s message. To keep costs low, the image was bought from istock and manipulated in photoshop for the final poster. It stands out for the strong influence it exerts on lookers.

6. PNet: Dictator

Tagline: Tired of office politics.Get a better job on PNet.co.za and make change happen.

The advert earns viewers confidence with strong graphics and a provoking message carrying a hint of irony. Formal colors increase the seriousness of the appearance and exude the strength for the individual to search for a new job instead of tolerating the implied injustice.

7. Career Junction: Grocery list

Tagline: Put your skills to better use.

Simple concept that communicates well the purpose of the online job site; to ensure that people find their dream job with their matching skill set rather than wasting their talents. The site projects itself as the best job site and most capable for identifying talent and enabling growth with the right job position. Many lookers love the elaborate typography on the notepad, artistic and representing the job seeker’s talents.

8. thebigchair.com.au: Chair

Tagline: Where the big jobs are.

What a creative way to showcase the logo of the online job site and encourage people to think about it. No overstated graphics or colorful images, just a gorgeous art direction that imprints the brand into the mind of the consumer. This shows that not every ad has to have a witty visual aid to get the brand message across. Arranging the copy in the structure of a chair attracts attention to the sentences, which have been carefully selected to draw job seekers to the site. Many viewers are divided about the repetition of sentences in the copy; some say it is a poor decision while others think it makes the copy more persuasive.

9. CareerBuilder.com: hot water

Tagline: Maybe it’s time to move on.

Amazingly the ad uses clever camera angles and innocent objects to depict a state of mind and show real emotions. By looking at the ad, we can imagine ourselves in a similar situation of “being in hot water” and harboring feelings of anxiety and distress in our workplace. A solution is the CareerBuilder.com, the ad touts the site as a good start for people in dire need of a job change to escape their troubles.

10. Studio People: Copywriter


Tagline: Copywriter’s from Mars! Yikes!

Finding the most imaginative people is shown to be easy with an innovative idea and a humorous copy. Creating an ad with the imaginative twist on the usual comic book theme is a very good idea to recruit creative professionals to the company. It has strong appeal among the artistic minds.

Designed in the style of old comics, every aspect has been constructed to resemble the genuine product from the bar code to the blue ribbon. Even the placement of the copy and its font is cohesive to the general theme of the recruitment advertisement.

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