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10 Things You Should Know About Retargeting

Know About Retargeting

Many marketing people feel that retargeting or remarketing is not at all a good idea and it is best to avoid it. But it is not as creepy as it may sound. Here are some facts about remarketing which will make you feel that it is not at all as bad as it is made out to be.

  1. Increase in conversion rate

Remarketing helps give potential customers a reminder who may have delayed buying your product or services earlier due to their hectic schedules. When they see an advertisement again, they are reminded about the incomplete task.

  1. The ad-fatigue factor

Many people will tell you that your target audience will get annoyed if they see the advertisement repeatedly. Well, if that is a fact then why would they click on an old ad? Keep in mind that the ad fatigue factor of old ads is not as high it is made out to be – but yeah, it’s a good idea not to irritate your customers. Keep the data in front of your eyes, and let it make these decisions.

  1. You are in control of your website traffic

Since you already have some potential customers who have shown interest in your advertisement you have some control over the website traffic. In some case studies, it has been found that the sales by way of remarketing were more than 90 % than the offline average.

  1. Remarketing helps in establishing yourself as a brand

Display marketing is one of the best ways to get more traffic as compared to the tiny little ads and organic listings. The most important thing to get more conversions is that people must remember you and your product. This is where remarketing helps. It establishes your product as a brand and can even boost resistors by almost 50%.

  1. Great CRO tool

Gone are the days when customers had to follow the route of impressions to clicking to conversions. Today, customers can approach you at any point and due to remarketing, chances of customers leaving the loop is very less.

  1. Remarketing good for both search ads and display ads

Earlier as keyword search was the most effective thing, search ads were more beneficial. But these days with the help of effective remarketing you can gain benefits both from search ads as well as display ads.

  1. Remarketing clicks are cheaper

If you make a thorough study you will find that search ads are expensive as compared to the display ads and the social ads. Thus, you can say that remarketing ads are much cheaper and good for your budget.

  1. Remarketing is not all about display and social ads

There is more to retargeting and it is not just display and social ads. The concept of “remarketing lists for search ads” is a combination of several things like search query, user location, time of search, device, browsing history etc.  A combination of all of this makes your remarketing even more powerful.

  1. Remarketing on social media

A customer may like your product but there are other factors which will determine if he will buy it. These factors are location,price of product etc. Therefore, one should try out remarketing on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. This will help you in remarketing based on age, interests; purchase history,life events etc.

  1. Use of Facebook and Google Display network

The best outcome of remarketing is currently with Facebook and Google display network as this offer a better reach for your remarketing.

Remarketing is not annoying for your customers. It is one of the best ways of getting more salesand helps in etching your product as a brand in the minds of customers.

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