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Useful tips to identify the real social media experts

As social media has become one of the leading platforms for digital marketing, many small as well as large enterprises are trying to promote their brand through this new generation digital platform. As a result, this industry is booming with social media consultants each claiming to be an expert in promoting business through social networking sites. However, because of the unregulated ways of this industry it has become very hard to identify the real social media experts from the fake ones as anyone with a little knowledge about social networking claims to be an expert nowadays. So, following are some tips which can benefit you greatly in finding out the right people for helping you to promote your business in social networking sites:


Sales results are one the best ways to determine the potentiality of anyone claiming to be a social media expert. However, sometimes results do not always refer to direct sales because each company uses the social networking sites for different reasons like brand exposure, customer care, showcasing customer testimonials, increased web traffic and so on. Although all these things eventually lead to increased sales so you can use the sales results as a measurement tool for choosing the right person to help your brand in gaining popularity in the social circles of digital world.


In order to carry out social media marketing efficiently and successfully, one needs to possess thorough knowledge of both marketing and social media. As social media marketing is a very new discipline in the field of marketing so it is not surprising that you often come across candidates with backgrounds of online marketing, entrepreneurs, sales, PR etc. However, before choosing someone for social media marketing, make sure that he or she has a good amount of experience in this field and has a good success rate.


Although trust is very important when you give someone any responsibility but regarding social media marketing you are better advised to monitor closely everything that goes on in your company’s social media profile during the first few months. It is necessary because running a company profile in any social networking site is a delicate business as your responses on any comments can have both positive and negative influence on your customers. So, make sure the person whom you have appointed to take care of your company profile knows how to deal with any positive or negative comments from your customers and always thrives to show the best image of your business.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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