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Top five social networks every entrepreneur should join

Joining a social network has become a necessity in today’s online world rather than being an option for businesspersons and entrepreneurs. These social resources help you connect to other entrepreneurs and prospective clients, as well as in the implementation of your promotional strategies. There might be several business goals for you to achieve through social networks, but you cannot join all such networks that have grown increasingly with the growing needs of people. So, here are some of the top networks for you to consider if you want to meet most of your business goals related to social media.

LinkedIn: Being the largest business network online, LinkedIn has almost 50 million professionals as its members. There is a variety of information you may share on LinkedIn by forming your own groups. You also get unlimited opportunities to share your ideas and viewpoints by becoming a part of other groups and discussion forums that are from the same industry in which you operate. The only issue is about some of its features being paid.

Entrepreneur Connect: This is a recently started social network tat especially serves entrepreneurs and small business owners. Creating a profile is free on this network like most other networks and you may connect and share your ideas across the communities with other entrepreneurs. Like Facebook and LinkedIn, you find professional groups to interact with other businesses and service providers. The only con is that the network frowns upon self-promotion.

PartnerUp: If you are looking for other entrepreneurs and useful resources for your new business, this is the place to be at. You may search for services providers and commercial real estate on this network. You also find a Resource Directory where your services can be advertised.

StartupNation: It is an entrepreneur forum and a great source if you are seeking some good advice. There are several resources available for you on this network. However, it has limited capability of networking. StartupNation has resources on a wide range of business topics that help you take your business decisions efficiently.

Biznik: Self-employed people, CEOs and freelancers join this relatively small business network. Your profile data on this network is mandatory to be all-real and should comply with this network’s policies. This is more of a platform where you, as an entrepreneur, can share the ideas instead of looking for any work opportunities.


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