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Tips to give Customized Leadership Advice to your employees

Every corporate and academic leadership development program is founded on formulaic model. It tries to collect all the different approaches to leadership.  Good leaders have the confidence to make decisions their own and one of the best ways to build up this confidence to other employees with leadership potential is to give them the power to make some important and untried decisions on their own.


When an employee is liable to make decision without depending on a manager then it requires them to measure the best interest of everyone involved. The reliability of decision-making gives an employee a greater sense of possession and answerability over his work and this leads to better employment engagement. Ways to give every employee customized leadership advice are as follows:

Listen and react

Employees need to that whether they are being heard and respected. It is in the hands of management to work hard to solicit employee feedback and take immediate actions on the common problems and issues that arise.

Motivate them to think differently

It is important to set and identify clear responsibilities and goals. The key to having a successful business and engaged workforce is to empower all employees to make decisions their own. Give them space to think differently and make sure that employees are comfortable and confident bringing forward new ideas and even taking a different approach that may fail.



If management truly wants to empower employees to be leaders then they have to trust them. They have to give them an authority to take risks and share their ideas because trust is the fuel on which new leaders can run and can bang the targets.

Strong workplace policies

The best way to empower employees is to establish strong workplace policies, which will abolish the need for micromanagement, developing employee empowerment naturally. Effective and strong workplace policies give employees the limit they need to be creative, successful, productive and happy at work.

Inclusive working environment

Innovative ideas can generate only in an inclusive working environment. Employees need environment where they can be encouraged to give their opinions; they will feel more comfortable to take charge.


Empowering employees is an important and ongoing process, which provides tools, resources, training, encouragement and motivation to workers and employees that helps them to perform at the optimum level.

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