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How social media can help promote your business

You need to raise a voice and promote your work to sustain your business, and nothing can help you more with this task than social media. Various social media platforms make you connect with your current and potential customers. These also help establish a business reputation. Check out some ideas that can help you establish a brand image for your business through different social media strategies.

Assess your assets and register: Before you get registered on any of the social media platforms, check your assets and your target market. Look at what you are trying to publicize and then accordingly sign-up for a social site. For example, Facebook would let you create an easily manageable business page and LinkedIn helps you develop connections through your employees and colleagues. 

Manage your account through a social media manager: As it is difficult task to handle multiple social media networks, find a good social media management tool, such as HootSuite or Ping.fm, which can help you manage all your accounts from a single site. It also deploys your messages at set timings and you can review their success through the statistics it provides. Additionally, all mentions of your brands on Twitter can be easily known through this social media manager and your messages from all the networks can be collected at one place to check. You won’t have to sit down for the whole day and track anything on your own. Try on a free version of these social media managers and when you start getting success, you may move on to the more flexible and useful paid versions.

Create interesting content to post: Before your start receiving followers or ask your friends to follow your business page, you should post some engaging content about your business, such as your work videos, pictures or interesting industry information. This gives people a reason to follow you.

Find followers: You can use keywords related to your business or industry to find potential customers on Google+ and Twitter. You may also leave comments or suggestions on business pages of some major industry players on social media networks. This might help you build good connections. On Facebook, it’s good to start with your own friends and family. There are also low-paid ad options available on Facebook that you might want to utilize.

Engage your friends and followers: It’s just not enough to find followers or people to become friends with. There is also a need to build good relationships with them so they trust you and get attracted toward your business. You may do it in several creative ways. As a few examples, you may retweet your friends’ stories or comments on Twitter, wish them or send them offers on their birthdays on Facebook, join industry groups and discussion forums on LinkedIn, post promotions for a particular group on Google+, etc.

Stay current: It’s important to stay connected with people on your network and respond to them as quickly as possible, at least when you start on building these networks.

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