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Importance of domain name and web hosting for the success of a business

The globalization has led to the increased need for an effective online presence for every business out there. A business would need to build a powerful online presence in order to increase its reach in the global market as well as increase its revenue generation. However, simply setting up a website would not ensure quality traffic to the site and the business.


Business owners would need to opt for a relevant site that best describes their business and attracts the desired target audience. As such, they would need to opt for a reliable web hosting service and choose an appropriate domain name to achieve the same.

A domain name would be the prime indicator of what business the website is trying to promote. As such, it should add value to the company’s website and promote your brand effectively. The domain name should also be easy to spell and memorize. Choosing names that contain less than 3 words as well as keywords would ensure that the site easily pops up in the search results in search engines. It would also make it easier for potential customers to search for your website.


It is considered wise to choose a web hosting service provider who offers high uptime and a good bandwidth for its clients. Less bandwidth would make it harder to upgrade the website later. A business choosing to add new features to its websites would then be forced to load slower. Hence, choosing a service provider who offers high bandwidth is considered crucial for the online success of a business.


Downtime caused by server issues (at the provider’s end) can result in the site not loading for significant intervals, thereby creating a bad impression among clients. Downtime issues can also cause the website to load slower than normal. This may at time, be frustrating for clients who surf the site. Therefore, choosing a web hosting service provider who offers little downtime and high bandwidth options can be considered beneficial for a business’s online growth.


A business would need to build and maintain an online presence in order to be successful l in today’s competitive world. However, the online success of a business would depend on its website. Business owners would need to be careful when considering the right webs hosting service and domain name for their websites. While an appropriate domain name would ensure that their brand name is immediately recognizable, the correct web hosting service provider would ensure that the website remains functional for longer periods.

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