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How to introduce social media to your business

A lot of businesses are still discovering the power of social media and many are still wondering if they should set up a page on social media for their company or not. But, judging by industry trends, social media is here to stay and if you too are wondering how you should go about introducing your business to social media, you can use the following tips.

Pick the right platform for your business

Before jumping onto the social media bandwagon, you need to have a fair idea of where a majority of your customers are likely to be. While a Facebook page is near mandatory, you might want to pick other sites more carefully. By general estimates, Google+ is more appealing to men, twitter is more popular with younger audiences, Pinterest has more female users and LinkedIn is exclusively used for professional networking. Once you you have picked the right platform, you can use the various marketing features to use to target your key customer demographic easily.

Educate yourself about social media marketing

Social media marketing and SEO are industries in their own rights. They have their own dos and don’ts and their own set of mantras for success. Before you dive into social media and try to play it by ear, do a little search on what kind of social media is right for your business, what tools they provide, how much it would cost and whether or not you need a professional social media manager.

Be regular with updates

The biggest mistake that businesses make on social media is that they believe that simply setting up pages and making an update or two every few months will work magic. Social media just doesn’t work like that. For a business that is new to social media, a set schedule needs to be made and a few hours on specific days of the week are enough to do all the updating, content creation and promotion needed to make social media pages successful.

Respond to customers

When you use social media to connect to customers, you are in fact invading a space that is personal to them. Hence, when they post questions on your business’ social media pages or comment on your updates, you need to be as swift in responding to them as you can. in fact, you should ensure that you set aside a half hour period where you deal exclusively with customer comments and question on social media or you would risk losing their interest on social media at least.

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