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How Social Media can support effective Market Research

With increasing advertising and marketing on social media, several businesses are also turning toward it for gaining useful data to conduct market research. In fact, most of the companies can rely on social media as a great platform to support market research. Here are some tips that can turn these networks into powerful research tools.

Tracking trends using social media

Many of the social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have made it quite easier for you to track market trends and analyze them. You may conduct searches for popular terms and recent posts, as well as for hashtags related to your industry or brand. Such searches provide you the data to gain an insight into real-time emerging trends. You get to know what customers are looking for.

Learning your customers’ language

Customers’ definition of value and quality might be entirely different from your perspective. Thus, the use of social media can let you understand the exact language of your customers. Once you understand their views through social media exchanges, these can be incorporated into your marketing plans and efforts. This makes you speak the language of your customers, unlike your competitors.

Utilizing real-time aspects to conduct quicker research

Whether you are interested in conducting a research on your recent product launch or wish to do follow-up marketing, social media makes the task easier and quicker for you. Gone are the times when you used to prepare, plan and implement surveys over a few months. Social media has reduced this time to hours and minutes. In addition, it lets you conduct research on your specific marketing efforts and gather updated information.

Widening the scope of your research

With a wide user base for social media, you get an audience larger than any other media source can provide. In addition, it is easy to reach this audience in a more casual and engaging manner. This helps your research gain more participation. The collected data is also more useful and accurate. There is actually more engagement and observation involved in market research on social media. This is in contrast to the questioning format of other market research techniques. Therefore, you get to hear some hidden stories that you could not have done otherwise.

Increasing cost effectiveness

You would hardly find such market research tools that provide the cost efficiency of social media. There are several free tools on social media platforms that help you collect relevant data and turn it into useful information. There is just some time investment needed to avail great benefits from this cost-effective and diverse field of social media.


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