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High expectations marred by bad performance: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 fails to impress

At present there are uncountable tablets and smart phones in the market. Whatever may be the size of your budget you will find a moderately satisfying tablet or smart phone for nonstop web browsing, working and playing games. The trend of tablets started with the very popular iPad and now other leading brands like Samsung have come up with a wide range of tablets for their clients with varying needs. With the advent of tablets and big sized smart phones, laptops and PCs have lost their importance. Lenovo is a brand which has always been identified with good quality professional and personal laptops and computers. Though the thriving and growing market for tablets influenced the launch of the IdeaPad 13, it gets nowhere closer to the gorgeous and efficient iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Following are some reasons why the IdeaPad 13 fails to cut the deal.

You tablets started really convert it

HP, Dell, and Sony have come up with some really splendid convertible models of laptop. The Lenovo IdeaPad 13 boasts of being a convertible but it is not one. The display of this laptop can move and rotate 360 degrees but cannot be detached from the base. A laptop can only be called a convertible if the display can be detached and used like a hand held tablet. The usefulness of the rotating display is questionable.

Too heavy

The 1.5 Kg IdeaPad is not portable. Seriously who would like to carry around such a heavy device? Its screen is 13.3 inches long. Instead of a good quality tablet user, you will look clumsy trying to maneuver this heavy baby.

Bad quality of display and ineffective touchscreen

The 1080p HD display of good quality tablets is missing and the PPI density is unsatisfactory. As a laptop, it functions all right but as a tablet the quality of picture drops. The touchscreen fails to read your touch commands often.

Small storage and I/O ports are missing

It is not really a tablet and not as flexible as it claims to be; and, on top of that, the IdeaPad provides a meager storage space of 128GB. It has only two functional USB ports where other laptops provide at least four.

Disappointing performance and bad keyboard

Despite being so costly, the IdeaPad doesn’t have a smooth track-pad. Consumers have faced problems like low battery life and overheating from the very beginning. Many a times it fails to connect with the Wi-Fi. The concave keys are not helpful for high speed typing and the smaller size of Shift and Backspace keys make typing tougher.


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