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Expert tips to build strong professional network

build strong professional network

To build strong professional network is not an easy task but is worth hard working as in long run; this will set up new opportunities for you and gives you a professional win.

We all have heard it a millions of times that the most valuable method of creating job opportunities is to create a professional network. And of course you need to have a few people to network with you in order to create such network. The biggest reason behind attending a business school is to build a professional network of yours. You are continuously brought up in such situations where you get the chances of meeting with new and to build meaningful connections with them.

But rather than applying to a B school for networks, here are a few secrets which will help you in knowing how to grow and how to brand a new circle of professionals.

So here are the best ways to create a professional network of your own and expand your career:

9 tips to build strong professional network:

  1. Join with the alumina club of your local college:

    College alumni clubCollege alumni clubs provide a great start to build strong professional network in the city. Most of such clubs conduct professional as well as social events and some of them have sub- groups which are based on the interest or age. It is a great way of meeting a variety of persons in your city and since there is something in common among all of us, try conversation with all of them.

  2. Putting you into the mindset of Job Search:

    Most of the people put into their best efforts to maintain good business relationships while they are searching for a good job. But if you are currently not lined up in interviews, just adopt the mindset of job search and this can help you in boosting up the networking Make a commitment of spending up to 15 minutes every day in doing typical activities of job search like reaching the connections over LinkedIn and asking them about their job fairs, registration of professional conferences and following up the contacts from the meetings held previously. It will take a small part of your day, but can quickly help you in connecting with a large number of people.

  3. Getting social:

     join soccer team
    “Get out to make new friends.” This advice may sound funny but is seriously associated with building a professional network. You simply have to get social and this will be a great to build strong professional network. Expand your career through meet ups, join soccer team or start a friend to friend type of book club. You can invite some of your friends to the club and ask every member to bring one more member along. As new friends will be made, you will get new professional connections that can be added to your increasing network.

  4. Stay tuned to your field of interest:

    As you start networking, it is important to stay at the top to know what is going on your industry. Read news and get regular subscriptions of newsletters and journals. Along with that, keep up with the movers and shakers of your industry. To know how to grow and whom should you follow, search about the relevant industries and topics on Twitter so as to get a sense of who is active in the specific industry of your field. Get yourself involved into the conversation with the people over social media. Stay up to date with your industry and you will finally break the ice while meeting up with new contacts and meaningful conversations regarding the professional topics.

  5. Ask help:

    business relationshipTo maintain good business relationships, take advantage of your already known connections. Ask your mailman, neighbours, friends or relatives to introduce you to some valuable professionals if they can.

  6. Carry right tools:

    You need to carry out the right tools to make most of your opportunities of professional networking. It is good to keep a good supply of crisp, up- to- date and clean business cards. Always remember that first impression is the last. So never tempt to rely over an outdated business card carrying your old job title. If your employer doesn’t supply business cards, have your own with your personal details printed on it.

  7. Build an address book of yours:

    address book.Whenever you meet with new people, don’t forget to exchange your contact details and cards. After each networking event, store these cards carefully and put better details over your address book. You can also add some lines in description of the person to remember their role in future. Make sure that you do so frequently or you will get stacked up with lots of business cards and will have no idea who was whom.

  8. Be genuine:

    Carrying on a professional activity is not funny at all. Though many of the people use it as the opportunity to sell off their services immediately, or to get a favour. But the best networking comes into play when neither of the party is earning immediate gains. In this way, professional relationships can be building up with time and some future business could also be conducted. So it is important to know what you can give to your network, rather thinking of what you can get out of it. Act genuinely and invest the best in your network.

  9. Stay in touch:

    The professional relationships can be strengthened with time. Just be sure to stay in touch with the network. If you get an article that your colleague may like, just ping it to him via e-mail. There are so many ways to be in touch. Like you may use professional websites such as LinkedIn which will supplement you with the real world of networking.

It is the issue among many people that to build strong professional network is nothing less than scary. It presents the images of fated parties at cocktail and awkward social situations. But relax! The good news is that it is never going to happen in this way if you follow a methodological approach.

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