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Essential qualities of a good leader

Who is a leader?

This question can be answered in many ways as leader essays more than one important role but in the basic terms a leader is a person who leads a group of people and help them in accomplishing set goals. A leader has to take care of many responsibilities and he can only do so if he is in possession of certain essential qualities. These qualities are the way to identify a good leader and every quality has its own importance. Several important leadership qualities are listed below which are required for a leader to become an example for his team mates.


Qualities to identify a good leader

  • Commitment: this is probably one of the most essential qualities for a leader and he has to have it in order to inspire other people who follow his lead. A leader must be fully committed to his set goals and should stand firm on his commitment even if the odds are against him. The ability of being persevere requires three qualities namely courage, self-discipline and forbearance and it is these three qualities that help a leader to stay committed to his job.
  • Intelligence: it goes without saying that a good leader must be highly intelligent and must have an excellent SQ as well as IQ. The team will obviously like to follow a person who is the most intelligent. If the leader lacks this quality then the team will think before accepting his decisions which is definitely what a leader wants.
  • Competitive: the world today understands only competition and that is why one has to be competitive in order to gain success in life. A leader must have this quality and he should be competitive but obviously in a healthy manner. It is this quality that will help him to guide the people and reach new heights.
  • The ability to solve issues: when a group of people follow another person and consider him as their leader it is nothing but obvious that they will go to him with their problems regarding the set goal. It is the duty of the leader that he solves the problem using his ability to do so.

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These were some of important qualities that must be present in a leader as they make him a good leader and a motivation for the group of his followers.

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