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Do good, avoid evil, blindly follow Hu Jintao’s eight step program

do good avoid evil chinese

Chinese communist party propaganda apparatus is again is on full swing. Someone please tell me how do to define good and evil. President Hu Jintao’s Do good and avoid evil and eight step program aphorisms are also making people confused in his own country. The eight fatherly commandments from the leader issued as an antidote to the corruption and cynicism people feel are response to a, “a deep-seated desire among people here for a moral compass to guide them through the unsettling transformation.”

When bribes have become a part of the everyday culture Mao Zedong’s egalitarianism does hold any water, one wonders.
Eight-Step Program For What Ails China from Washington Post (via Thinkingethics)

Love the motherland, do not harm it
Serve ,don’t disserve the motherland
Uphold science, don’t be ignorant and unenlightened
Work hard, don’t be lazy
Be united and help each other, don’t benefit at the expense of others
Be honest, not profit-mongering
Be disciplined and law-abiding, not chaotic and lawless
Know plain living and hard struggle, do not wallow in luxuries.

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