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Communication tips to improve your ROI and client relationship

Do you know that your business can raise its profits by 25% to 95% if you just increase your present customers’ retention by 5%? Yes, it’s true that your satisfied customers can make that much of a difference for your business. Considering this, it becomes important to focus on customer satisfaction, awareness and long-term relationship. All this comes from an effective communication with your present and new customers in the targeted markets. Effective marketing communication can ensure that your customers remain in touch for repeat sales, as well as refer your brand to other prospects. Let’s look at a few tips that can help you enhance this communication factor with your current buyers.

Through Personalized E-mails

This is not a personal thought but a belief of about 96% organizations that personalized e-mails can bring your e-mail marketing campaign much more than you would have expected. If you study the buying preferences and habits of your current customers, you would be able to segment them into groups. Design different personalized e-mails for all these groups and send it to clients based on their segmentation. Such personalized e-mails would include varied content, subject lines, and calls to action for each group. This will trigger more purchases by your customers as they would get to know about what they want to buy.

Create FAQ Pages

Your customers would always have questions for you, independent of the kind of business you are in. So, consider creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that offers them solutions to some common problems they might ask. You can create single or multiple FAQ pages on your website, online resources or social media profiles. Ensure to provide clear, consistent and updated information to customers through this page. Also, keep adding relevant information to this page and removing redundant information from time-to-time. You may additionally add instructional videos to this page if your business so demands.

Use Social Networking to Build Customer Relationship

You may share useful information on your social media pages through articles, promotional offers and other engaging content. This also helps you reach inactive customers and deal with any service issues so your clients build more trust in your brand.

Develop Content Based on Customer Needs

Through some customer surveys and buyer behavior research, you may asses the needs and pains of your customers. See how your content focuses on these needs and triggers of clients, and strategize to develop some engaging content accordingly.

Make Customers Your Brand Advocates

Use your existing base of customers to target more and more new clients. This is done best when your current customers become your brand advocates and refer it to others. You could request them for testimonials, references, etc. The happier you keep your current customers, the greater will be their self-contribution toward your brand.

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