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Best Posting Times on Social Sites

Many of you who are social media managers or strategists would have faced an issue of posting on social media sites at certain timings. Since you cannot always be online while some of your audience is, it is important to know about the best timings for posting your content so it gets maximum visibility. There are actually several ways to know when your audience is online or when can you get a wider audience as compared to other timings. Let’s see how you can get optimized results by scheduling your posting time on various social media.

Through trial and error

If you use a link shortener (like or to post your content, you may actually know the best time when you should make your posts or tweets. You get to know the number of times a person clicks on your posted link. This method also lets you know about the location where best audience engagement came from.

Through social media tools

You can also use some reporting and monitoring tools on social media to get a track of the best times when maximum audience gets engaged with your post. One of such tools is SocialBro, which informs you about the best tweeting time through its daily reports as you get to know when most of your twitter community members are online. Another tool to use is AutoScheduling functionality of Hootsuite. This tool can schedule your messages for a time when they would get the highest number of viewers. If you wish to analyze your previous data to estimate about the best posting time on Google+, you could also go for the tool called Timing+.

Through similar researches

Based on several researches, there have been specific days and times suggested to post your content on different social media platforms. From Monday through Thursday, you should post on Facebook between 10 am and 4 pm. While the best time to tweet is between 1 pm and 3 pm, LinkedIn should be ideally your posting platform between 7 am and 9 am or between 5 pm and 6 pm from Tuesday through Thursday as it is before and after business hours when most professionals would be available online. While the weekday time for posting on Google+ is between 9 am and 11 am, Pinterest should mostly be targeted on weekday evenings and weekends.

Thus, you may consider using several sources, but should still look at your business requirements for posting your content on social media. Try to understand when your customers mostly get online and the nature of messages you would be posting. Accordingly target the platforms and utilize them to your best advantage.

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