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5 interesting digital marketing stats we’ve seen this year


Marketing is very essential for every business as it is through marketing that the businesses reach out to people and convince them to buy their products and services. Marketing is an important concept in the business world and it keeps evolving with time. Now that we are highly dependent on the digital means to fulfill our requirements marketing too has gone digital. There are plenty of digital marketing techniques that are used by different businesses for their growth and success. Some of these techniques gain success while some fail to impress the people. We are here to discuss five of the most popular and interesting ways of digital marketing that ruled the market this year.

  • Internet marketing: a world without internet cannot be imagined today as almost everyone relies on it for fulfillment of both personal and professional purposes. Therefore businesses find it easy to communicate to people through the internet. Internet marketing has reached new heights since it has come into existence and today almost every business use this technique of digital marketing. Internet marketing has many pros that make it a convenient options plus it shows quick and good results.
  • Mobile marketing: mobiles are literally everywhere these days and therefore mobile marketing is one easy way to reach to many people at one time. The market stats also clearly show that mobile marketing is gaining height with every passing day.
  • Social media marketing: people today are quite tech savvy and use internet in every way. Social media is a very nice medium to stay in touch with the loved ones and it also is a wonderful way to market things. Almost everyone uses social media these days which means that businesses will find it easy to get more customers through social media. The market stats also show that more and more businesses are making their entry in the world of social media marketing.
  • Video marketing: this kind of digital marketing also caught our attention as this too happens to be a good way to attract people. This marketing technique is becoming very successful and businesses are investing in it to get more returns.
  • The digital marketing stats keep changing every year and it is very important to keep an eye on them in order to formulate new and successful digital marketing techniques each year.

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