Yoga poses for glowing skin

Yoga poses for glowing skin

Yoga can help you in maintaining good and youthful skin even when you are well past your younger years. Detoxifying the body from harmful chemicals is the most important factor that an individual have to take into account while taking care of their skin. The presence of toxins leads to the formation of rashes and other skin problems. Yoga helps in increasing the blood circulation in your body and helps in the removal of toxic elements from the body. Practicing yoga also helps in providing nutrition at the cellular level. It also helps in dealing effectively with stress which is also a reason for the dullness in the skin of individuals. Practicing yoga not only helps in keeping the internal organs fit but also have the healthy and glowing reflection on your skin. Therefore, it is extremely essential for individuals to know the yoga poses that they can do for a glowing skin.

Child’s pose

Stress is one of the most dominating factors that can cause dullness of the skin and make you look far more aged than you actually are. Stress can trigger of due to the minutest of incidents. This puts strain on the body and this strain is reflected in your skin. Due to stress, the sebaceous gland in your skin secretes more oil and as a result your skin becomes more oily and dull. This also leads to acne, pimples, black heads and rashes. The child’s pose targets the stress factors and enables an individual to get rid from stress. For doing this pose, the individual should first kneel on his shins. Next he should try and touch the knees and sit the hips back on his heels. The forehead should be lowered next. The arms should be brought alongside the thighs with the palms facing up. The person should stay in this pose for sixty seconds. This pose increases the blood circulation in the body and enhances the working of the digestive system. This helps in the food metabolism completely and prevents toxin formation.

Bridge pose

The bridge pose is extremely beneficial for increasing the circulation to the brain and also for improving the blood circulation in the entire body. It also helps in elongating the spine during practice. For doing this pose, the individual should lie down on a mat on his back. The arms should be brought alongside the thighs and the palms should face down. Next the person should bend his knees and move his heels as close to his back as possible. The individual should ensure that he is not over exerting himself. This may not be as easy initially and the person should not over exert his body, as that may lead to harm. The next step involves pressing the soles of the feet on the ground and raising the hips towards the ceiling of the room. The pose should be held for thirty seconds before releasing the hips back down on the floor. This pose has also beneficial effects on stress reduction and improving digestion.

Standing forward fold

This pose helps in the detoxification of the liver and the kidneys. Detoxifying these two organs helps a lot in keeping a balance in your body and maintaining the glow of your skin. Practicing this pose also helps in stimulating the liver and the kidneys. The individual should stand with their feet at a hip distance apart. The knees should be bent slightly as the individual will fold his torso over his legs. The individual should release any tension from the head and in the neck region. His arms should be allowed to fall in front of his toes. The individual should remain in this pose for one minute. Many individuals have experienced a considerable lowering of fatigue and anxiety.

Shoulder stand pose

This pose is referred to as the queen of all yoga poses. This pose helps in maintaining a soft, clear and youthful skin. For doing this pose, the individual should lie flat on his back. Next he should bring the feet together. The neck and head should be kept on the floor and the legs should be lifted so that it forms a right angle with the body. The arms should be placed on the buttocks. The body should be gently lifted up. For releasing the pose, the feet should be lowered to a forty five degree angle, behind the head. The hands should be kept at the back and the head should be kept on the floor as the individual will unroll his body.

Plough pose

This pose helps in combating the signs of aging in an individual. For doing this pose, the individual should be in shoulder stand pose. The feet should be lowered slowly behind the head and the knees should be kept straight. For releasing the pose, an individual should go back to the shoulder stand pose and then come down from that position.

Kapalabhati breathing exercise

Practicing this pose helps in giving a shine and radiant glow to an individual’s face. For doing this pose, the abdominal muscles should be contracted so as to push the air forcefully out of the lungs. Next the muscles should be relaxed to allow passive inhalation. Pumping in and out of the abdomen should be done quickly and continuously for about twenty to thirty pumps. Doing this pose twice or thrice daily will yield effective results.

Shitli kumbhaka pranayama

This exercise is very effective in reducing the wrinkles in your skin and also helps in the purification of blood in your body. This helps in removing the toxins from your body and thereby giving you a glowing skin. For doing this pose, the individual should fold his tongue in such a manner so that it protrudes a little from his mouth. Next he should inhale through the mouth. A certain cool feeling will be felt in the neck while he inhales in this position. Then he should swallow the breath and hold it inside the stomach before exhaling through his nose.

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