Wellness honeymoon destinations that you can add to your wish list


What about considering a wellness honeymoon vacation especially after the tiresome wedding rituals? There couldn’t be a better choice than spending the honeymoon filled with wellness activities which would rejuvenate you to the fullest helping to get set with the new life-track fast.

Wellness honeymoon destinations that you can add to your wish list

Which are the Wellness honeymoon destinations that you can add to your wish list

  1. Bali, Indonesia

  2. Maldives

  3. Berjaya Hills, Malaysia

  4. The Zighy Bay, Oman

  5. St Lucia, the Caribbean

  6. Fusion Maia, Vietnam

  7. Florblanca, Costa Rica

  8. Alder, Italy

  9. Mauritius

  10. Thailand


For a grand wellness honeymoon vacation, destinations matter a lot than the hotels and resorts. Let us explore the following locales providing the worth of wellness that you are longing for.

Bali, Indonesia:


The Indonesian island is the cynosure for honeymooning couples, a laid back environment surrounded by the pristine sea on all sides. The island is picturesque holding your attention all throughout. The post-marriage romance is heightened by the quality and efficiency of service delivered by the Balinese resorts.

They practically educate the couples in adopting a healthy lifestyle with religious devotion. Post wedding marital bliss is guaranteed. The diet chart and exercise regime are meticulously designed with a lot of thought and vital inputs going in. The wellness destinations over here prepare the couples to attain the peak of mental and physical potential.

Apart from these, awe-inspiring ancient temples, terraced rice fields against splendid sunsets, local crafts worked on timber and metal and the indigenous handloom boutiques are simply amazing. The sea beaches are unspoilt and the sea food stirred up with a dash of coconut sauce should go a long way providing the right mix of wellness and honeymoon fun.



An archipelago of insignificant proportion, Maldives has all those touristic appeal that sets it apart from rest of the world and is an ideal wellness destination for honeymooning couples. The white sandy beaches are immaculate looking over the deep blue sea spanning into eternity. Maldives gives you a feeling of being close to the most hermetic piece of land with a tranquil ambiance to go with. There are opportunities to explore Ayurvedic treatment camps, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. In fact, the waters around Maldives teem with a large variety of fish that can certainly add a dash of zing to your dinner plans.

Berjaya Hills, Malaysia:

sea food

Visit the Berjaya Hills of Malaysia and you will be transformed into a refuge of perpetual bliss. The perfect organic spa and wellness resort is cut specially for the honeymooning couples to overwhelm them with its Bucolic magic. The calm and quite rainforests surrounding on all sides deliver a whisper of romance. The thrill is unmatched, the landscapes stunning and a hike across the emerald green jungle would just look appropriate for a romantic candle light dinner that follows next. A plateful of sea food and succulent meat flavored with Malaysian spices would do the rest.

The Zighy Bay, Oman:

 light therapy

Beautiful sandy beaches combined with a Mountainous terrain in the backdrop would do the magic for couples visiting the Zighy Bay in Oman. This is a faraway nook from the city grind offering a holistic wellness experience amid absolute tranquility. State-of-the-art luxury honeymoon spa offering a deadly combo of eastern and western wellness treatments by expert therapists would fill your skin pores with vitality.  The honeymooners have opportunities for paragliding and explore the exquisite gourmet venture to gratify the appetite.

St Lucia, the Caribbean:


The stunning Caribbean island of St Lucia is a paradise for couples aiming for a fitness and wellness honeymoon. There is a range of exciting things to do over here to keep the honeymooners in high spirits. Golfing, Ayurvedic centers and holistic spa treatments followed by romantic candle light dinner will sweep the couples off their feet.

Fusion Maia, Vietnam:


Here we are talking about one of the most ravishing sea beaches in the world located in Vietnam and designed naturally to keep the visiting honeymooners fine fettle. The shore is calm and peaceful and dotted with yoga camps and wellness centers and yet the environmental tranquility is not disrupted by wellness promoting activities that goes in and around the place. Just a long refreshing stroll along the pristine beach is a fabulous experience. Exploring the local culture and the cuisine would be an added bonus.

 Florblanca, Costa Rica:

horse riding

This is a destination of stealing beauty just set amid natural ambience and that is exactly what a newlywed couple would be looking for. Surrounded on all sides by the tropical jungles of Costa Rica within a close view of the mighty Pacific Ocean, this is a popular wellness honeymoon destination offering other adventurous activities. The ambience is healthy and the luxury honeymoon house and spa offer every bit to enhance the well being of the newlyweds. Sleeping amongst the tree tops and enjoying a romantic drink privately would spice up your relation.  Additional features with loads of fun and excitement are horse riding, zip lining, nature treks and sea surfing would keep you in high spirits.

Alder, Italy:

Dead Sea salt scrub

Italy is a legend when it comes to the elements of love and romance. Here we are not talking about gondolas and trapped waters as this country has much more to offer. The rural settings of Tuscany form a complete getaway for romantic pairs. The Tuscan hills are captivating and evoke a surreal ambience just kind of suited for getting lost into unmatched bliss. Thermal springs, Dead Sea salt scrubs and tranquil meditation sessions are perfect to fill you with the right dose of wellness. You get the wonderful opportunity to sample local wines harvested from breath-taking vineyards needless to mention about the mouth-watering Italian dish fitting well with your wellness honeymoon package.



The sand and the sea and the clear azure sky overhead are made to promote a romantic ambience everywhere in the island. This is a highly sought after honeymooning destination offering complete relaxation amid nature. The white sand beaches, the stunning pristine greenery and the soothing water of the Indian Ocean conjure up a perfect wellness ambience allowing you to uncoil in the healthiest manner. Ayurvedic and Yoga centres exist to uplift your health and well being. The local climate, food and sparkle of freshness in the environment will recharge your cells.



When you talk of wellness honeymoon destination, Thailand has it all. The tropical rainforest with an incredible mix of fauna and flora, jaw dropping waterfalls, white sand beaches and local Thai hamlets tucked away in complete greenery would take you to the domain of perfect wellness. The all Thai ambience offer the best wellness activities with an element of laid back rhythm. Nature hiking, sun set cruises, exotic massages and the exotic culinary lip smackers will give the tourist an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

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