Taking a path-less-travelled with anthroposophical medicine

Choosing a different direction in medical treatment approach for the general benefit with little or no side effects, Rudolf Steiner with Ita Wegman founded the principles that guide anthroposophical medicine in 1920. While the world is quickly opting for alternative medicine over the classical allopathic ways, those that consider anthroposophy know well that it depends largely on Steiner’s spiritual concept and also derives from occult medicine.

Gaining success and popularity at a quick rate it was estimated that over 80 countries currently practice this form of alternative medicine, most of the researchers, on the other hand remain critical about the practice of anthroposophy as most of its effects still remain unproven.

Understanding your body in the concepts of anthroposophy

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The theory of anthroposophy is complex because of its mixed heredity from numerous practices and theories. This form of medicine divides your body into four levels: the physical level or the body, the etheric level or life, the astral body or your soul and the last is the spirit.

The functioning systems are also broadly classified as a three-fold mechanism involving the “sense-nerve” system or your brain and nervous system, the “metabolic-limb” system with the digestive system and limbs, and the third is the “rhythmic system” with the heart and the lungs.

How close is anthroposophy to the occult ways?

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Anthroposophic medicine derives very closely from homeopathy and occult concepts (Akashic records), which make it stand out to the traditional medical ways. Steiner’s way of relating mystical and spiritual beliefs with medicine and relating planets, metals and the body together are the initial building bricks in this form of alternative therapy.

According to sources, when the drugs are prepared the crystals are examined during their crystallization process to interpret their patterns. These patterns are then judged to know which “etheric force” guides them.

Treating cancer with a mistletoe

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The area that anthroposophical medicine is making the most news, is the disease that has the world on fire with its complicated ways and obstinate nature. Cancer seems to the chief field of research in the modern times and the only available methods of treatment are largely detrimental to the patient’s quality of life.

With a special preparation of the mistletoe Wiscum Album, taken every day as intradermal injections in the abdomen or thigh, the mistletoe treatment for cancer is very popular in Europe. This is especially because of the related negligible side effects and an overall enhancement in the quality of living in these patients.

Deriving benefits from alternative therapies in medicine

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Most medicines that anthroposophical medicine utilizes for its treatment procedures are diluted natural extracts and their associated harmfulness is negligible. This is the chief reason that most people in developed countries of Europe are opting for this form of therapy.

Many cases have reported successful treatment of diseases like arthritis, infections and other inflammatory diseases, as preventive medicine, for fighting the effects of aging, in child care especially Attention related diseases like ADHD and other problems. The most talked about being the effect of anthroposophical treatment modalities on cancer.

So, does it work?

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Testing the efficiency of the treatment methods numerous researchers have followed cases of various diseases that were treated with anthroposophic methods and found astonishingly great results.

Most physicians still choose to believe in the set-rules of orthodox medicine and claim the effects of anthroposophical treatments to be ‘chance-luck’ and say that ‘anthroposophical medicine remains to be proven with definite proof of its effectiveness’

Anthroposophical medicine is gaining popularity and may prove to be a new & healthier way of treating diseases otherwise untreatable or associated with major side effects of classic medicine.

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