Staying prepared for the worst of circumstances as you travel for wellness

Before embarking on your wellness journey to a foreign country, you must take into consideration the unexpected events that may arise during the course of your trip. As a tourist, it is best to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios and emergencies. As a wellness tourist, you might be traveling to a spa, hotel or resort that provides wellness programs or a healthcare facility that is providing integrative medicine to the patients.

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In case of medical emergency at the wellness tourism destination, you should have the contact details of the local emergency services, so that you can arrange for an ambulance to reach the treating facility. Moreover, you can always learn from the experience of other internationally traveling wellness tourists who have visited the same destination and wellness center where you wish to seek CAM therapies.

Prepare for the worst

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Once you arrive at the destination, you might get to know that the claims made by the wellness center are not genuine. The quality of CAM therapies the wellness facility provides might be of cheap quality. Therefore, it is important for any wellness tourist to be aware of the exaggerated promises and miracle treatments that physicians, CAM practitioners or the wellness center promise you via email or any other means of communication.

Once you reach the wellness facility, you might find that the CAM practitioner or the physician you were talking to from your home country is not the one who is taking care of your treatment. Therefore, you must talk to the concerned authorities at the wellness center overseas to make sure that you receive the CAM treatment only from the CAM practitioner or the therapist you have talked to earlier.

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Before you begin your wellness journey, you should know the right persons to contact in case the recommended complementary and alternative therapy interfere with your conventional prescription drugs. It would be a traumatic experience if you do not get the desired results from your wellness program at a foreign destination. Only a few insurance policies cover CAM practices and if you have one, you must make sure that it covers the costs of CAM therapy you are seeking.

You should always keep your air ticket as flexible as possible, so that you do not have to bear any cancellation fees in case you need to extend your trip for further treatment. You also need to ensure that your passport and visa don’t expire if you wish to increase the duration of the trip. It is also important to inform your family members and friends about your wellness tourism destination, and the name and location of the hotel, spa, resort or the healthcare facility. This will help your family members get in touch with you in case some sort of medical, social or political emergency arises at the host destination. Moreover, you should consult your local doctor to know about the possible complications that could arise abroad.

People traveling overseas for wellness experiences should not overlook the significance of understanding the consequences pertaining to death. You must know that who will be responsible for sending the sad news to your family. Also make yourself familiar with the proceedings related to your insurance claims, if there are any, in case of death.

Learning from other wellness tourists’ experiences

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Learning from other wellness tourists’ experiences is one of the best ways to prepare for the emergencies and worst-case situations. You can visit different websites to know about the quality standards of different hotels, resorts or spas that provide wellness experiences for the tourists. You can review the patient testimonials to know more about the wellness services and facilities available at the wellness tourism destination. If you get to know any wellness tourists, you can ask them about their experiences and the ways in which they managed to deal with the situations. If you want to make your wellness journey as smooth and comfortable as possible, you should plan everything related to your journey is advance.

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