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Squamous cell carcinoma: Alternative Medicine


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1. MSM or Colloidal Silver Protocol for Cancer (CS)

This is a world renowned alternative treatment for cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma. The protocol is famous for its safety and ease of usage. This protocol is used alongside chemotherapy. It targets cancer cells and reduces their growth, which in turn increases the efficiency of chemotherapy. But, at the same time, it cannot be used as the only protocol for advanced stages of squamous cell carcinoma. Overall, this protocol is design to reverse the growth of cancer cells into normal cells. This product includes two substances, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) and Colloidal Silver, which are anti-microbial designed to kill microbes inside cancer cells. It requires some investment of time and money. The protocol usage differs depending upon age, sex and pregnancy.

2. Cellect and Budwig Portion

This alternative treatment is highly successful among advanced cancer patients and shows its efficiency within days. The portion uses two cancer treating agents, Cellect and Budwig protocol. This alternative treatment cures cancer by getting rid of cancer cells and re-balancing the body by increasing its immunity and eliminating toxins. This portion is generally used along with other main treatment protocol. The patient is supposed to use minimum of four scoops of Cellect powder a day. This powder has been developed by Fred Eichorn from National Cancer Research Foundation, and is quite beneficial and has no side effects for cancer patients. The Budwig Protocol is the second part of this treatment which aims at restoring the electrical charges of the cells. This allows destruction of cancer cells which increases the overall chances of survival and helps in treating squamous cell carcinoma. This long term fix doesn’t require much investment of time or money and the remedy shows fast results.

3. Supplements

Chemotherapy can help in dealing with squamous cell carcinoma. But the treatment in itself has a number of side effects which can cause free radical damage and decrease in natural immunity. Therefore, the therapy must be supported by an alternative supplements treatment which can help to reduce the depleting number of antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients that can help a patient deal with this medical condition in the long run. The patient shall be provided with several supplements including 100,000 international units of beta-carotene each day, 3,000-8,000 mg of vitamin C with bioflavonoids, vitamin B17, multivitamins and minerals, coenzymes, alpha-lipoic acids, vitamin E, selenium and other minerals. These supplements can help the patient cope with degeneration of cancer cells, gain lost strength after chemotherapy, increase detoxification, help in development of cancer free cells, and increase the efficiency of other treatments and strategies. This long term strategy requires adequate investment of money.

4. Red clover extract

Over a period of time, several doctors and cancer specialists have recognized the value of red clover extract in reducing the growth of malignant tumors and cancer cells in a patient’s body. Therefore, this alternative treatment is used alongside regular treatment strategies. Red clover extract prevents the formation of new blood vessels, which in turn minimizes the growth of tumor. Therefore, intake of 500 mg of red clover extract is recommended for an average male. This alternative treatment is a long term strategy, but it can be used during any stage of squamous cell carcinoma. The results are not seen as explicitly as they are seen with the usage of Cellect-Budwig Portion, but in the long run it has a positive effect on patient.

5. Sunlight

It is true that sunlight is one of the major causes of squamous cell carcinoma. But it is also true that sunlight can help in treatment of this medical condition. Sunlight is the natural source of vitamin D and it also helps in the regeneration of body’s healthy tissues. As an alternative treatment approach, the patient must sit in sunlight for about 15 minutes and the period should gradually be increased. Make sure that the patient’s skin doesn’t gets a sun burn. To ensure this, supplement the patient’s diet with lots of tomato juice and fresh tomatoes which act as sunscreen. Also, the patient must sit in the sunlight during early hours and not during the afternoon.

6. Cat’s claw extract

Cat’s claw extract is basically a herb found in Amazon river valley. This extract can be used for treatment of inflammatory conditions associated with squamous cell carcinoma. The herb has anti-cancer properties that help in treating the side effects of radiation from chemotherapy which in turn can speed up the body’s natural immunity process and help in cancer treatment. It extract of Uncaria is also used to inhibit the cell division of affected cancer cells. The treatment may take some time to show results but it worth investment in terms of time and money. 1,000 mg of cat’s claw extract is recommended in three doses each day.

7. Milk thistle

For a period of 2,000 years, milk thistle has been used for treatment of liver related conditions. But over the years, researchers have recognized its efficiency in treatment of cancer and in detoxification of the entire body. In fact, in Europe, this is a prescribed medication. This alternative treatment could be used for reducing the growth of cancer cells in almost all body parts. At the same time, it reduces cell damage caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This long term treatment starts to show results in a few weeks and has no side effects owing to its gentle nature. 150 mg of this product is recommended three times a day.

8. Bob Beck Protocol

Bob-Beck protocol is a world famous alternative treatment for squamous cell carcinoma that eliminates microbes from cell, which in turn eliminates cancer from the body. This treatment is fast and effective and the patient can notice results within 2-3 months. Bob-Beck protocol started as an alternative treatment in Russia and soon became popular around the world. This protocol focuses on purifying the body from toxic wastes as well as damages from radiation. This helps in strengthening the immune system which in turn eliminates cancer growth. This protocol doesn’t require large investment of money and can be continued with regular treatments.

9. Detoxifiers

Chemotherapy can cause accumulation of lots of toxic wastes in the body. Although radiation therapy can help in killing the cancer cells, in the long run it effects immune system of humans. Therefore, detoxification procedures are necessary to help the body get rid of wastes. For this, the patient must be given a mixture of powdered extracts of bloodroot, echinacea, ginger, licorice, voilet lives and frangula which will help in detoxification and will help strengthen immune system. This long term strategy will not show direct results but it will effect the outcome of regular treatments in a positive manner. Plus, this method doesn’t require much investments and these extracts are easily available in natural form or in capsules or tablet forms.

10. Ultimate simple protocol

This is another proven alternative treatment for squamous cell carcinoma and is effective in early stages. This protocol is quite simple: it targets the immune system to create a balance between strength of immune system and number of cancer cells. This protocol aims at gently reverting cancer cells into normal cells, supercharge the immune system and protect the individual from any kind of damage from chemotherapy. This protocol safely kills cancer cells and provides fast results. It can be used along with other types of cancer treatments for full efficiency.

11. Meditation

Over the years, meditation has been touted as an alternative treatment for squamous cell carcinoma. It is believed that mediation can help the patient build a positive mind and body connection that can result in increased treatment efficiency and faster recovery. To follow this alternate treatment, the patient must learn several breathing practices and meditation techniques from a trained professional and must perform them several times throughout the day, including when he/she feels unwell. This treatment not just helps in calming the patient, but it also helps him gain a better understanding of his body as well as increases his will to fight this medical condition. When used along with regular treatment procedures, this alternative treatment provides fast results and creates a sense of positive well being in patient’s mind.

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