How to prepare yourself for the worst wellness travel

If you are travelling across the borders for wellness experiences, it is important for you to prepare for the worst situations. Once you reach your destination, you might get to know that the claims made by the wellness center are not authentic or genuine, and the quality of CAM therapies the wellness facility provides might be of cheap quality. Thus, it is important for you to be aware of the overstated promises and miracle treatments that therapists, CAM practitioners or the wellness center promise you via email or any other means of communication.


Before you begin, it is important to know the right persons to contact in case the recommended complementary and alternative therapy obstruct with your conventional prescription drugs and create some serious side effects. It would be a shocking experience if you do not get the desired results from your wellness program on the foreign land.

Only a few insurance policies cover CAM practices and if you have one, you must make sure that it covers the costs of CAM therapy you are seeking in a foreign country. However, some insurance policies cover mind-body therapies. It is vital that you must choose your insurance policy very carefully in order to protect your finances.


It is better to keep your air ticket as flexible as possible, so that you do not have to bear any cancellation fees in case you need to extend your trip for further treatment. You also need to make sure that your passport and visa will not expire if you wish to delay the trip back to your home country.


It is essential to notify your family members or friends about your wellness tourism destination, and the name and location of the hotel, resort or the healthcare facility. This will obviously help your family members to get in touch with you in case some sort of medical, social or political emergency arises at the host destination. In addition, you should discuss with your local doctor to know about the possible complications that could arise in a foreign country.

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