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Today, there are various options that can make you look pretty, slim, and healthy. Some of them are natural and some are artificial. It is interesting that people are opting for natural and herbal ways to achieve their desired level of fitness and beauty. People are looking for new and different ways to enhance their beauty and fitness and spa tourism offer you an opportunity to experience both tourism and healthy lifestyle in the same time.

Signature spa

Spa is a traditional method of healing, which was popular during the ancient times. Monks and other people used to travel to natural springs in order to get the benefits of herbal massages and natural healing effects of water. Both hot and cold spring waters are considered best to treat various skin diseases and it is also have various curative properties that can release various energy blockages inside the body. Spas can effectively treat problems like body ache, back pain, shoulder pain, and headache.

Signature spa is a part of spa, which involves various spa treatments and services. This type of spa services often found at special spa resorts and hotels. In this type of spa method, herbs, traditional therapies, massages, and local ingredients are involved. Signature spa also called as indigenous spa treatments. Signature spa treatments involve different massage, facials, therapies, body wraps, pedicure, and manicure.

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Traditional massage therapies

In signature spa resorts, you can enjoy special body massage. Practitioners use essential oils for massage and try to make people feel relax and tension free in a natural way. Massage therapies are recognized as an ancient method of healing. It includes rubbing, which is referred to a special type of bodywork that promotes health and healing.

It also includes application of fixed pressure on particular points of the body, rocking, vibration, holding, kneading, and friction. Traditional oil massage and therapies are known to have various physical and mental benefits. It relaxes the whole body, releases muscle tension, enhance flexibility or strength, promotes restful sleep, improves concentration, and aids in mental relaxation.

Body wraps

Body wraps and body scrubs

Various spa hotels and resorts  offer effective and natural body wraps and body scrubs. Algae body wraps, clay body wraps, and other herbal body wraps are considered best as they are able to hydrate your skin and make your skin flawless. Scrubs made from natural extracts can be very beneficial to remove impurities from your skin. Hard scrubs can remove dead skin from your body and can detoxify your skin.


Manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure during your spa session can be very light on your pockets. Many people spend lot of money to enhance the beauty of our hands and feet. Signature spa resorts offer you spa manicure and pedicure by professionals. You can enjoy best care of your feet and hands during a great body wrap. Manicure and pedicure may include an aromatic salt rub, hydrating mask, hot stone massage, hot towel massage, and paraffin dip. This will enhance the beauty of your feet and hands or can make you feel relaxed and more luxurious.


Baths and hammam

Hydrotherapy is a great way to remove impurities from the skin. Hot and cold bath can stimulate lymphatic system of your body and can release physical or mental stress. Different types of spas, including medical spa, detoxification spa, and stress releasing spa often follow hot and cold-water baths. It is the best way to pamper your skin as it has rejuvenation properties that can release stress, depression, energy blockages, and other physical or psychological disorders.


Signature spa treatments are best as it can treat various ailments related to skin, bone, and muscle. It is also considered as an excellent way to release mental strain, stress, and depression.

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