How modern society can benefit from alternative medicine

How modern society can benefit from alternative medicine

Alternative medicines are traditional methods of curing a disorder. Many also name them non-western medicinal methods. It does not take into consider the contemporary or scientific methods of medicines. Alternative medicines treat a health problem either solely or in combination with contemporary medicines. The combination of alternative methods with contemporary medical methods is called integrated medicinal approach.


These alternative methods include treatments such as homeopathy, Ayurveda, acupuncture, diet therapies, nutritional healing, yoga or exercises and so on. They are termed as complementary because we use them with the conventional methods of treatments. However, if people use them solely for treatments, then they are considered as alternative treatments.

Generally, people who are unable to cure a health problem with Allopathy consider this treatment useful. It can cure many diseases like cancer, AIDS, back pain, arthritis, etc. Gradually the importance of alternative medicines is increasing. People are slowly moving towards these methods, as they give permanent solutions, no side effects and are easy on the pockets.


According to a report, around 36% Americans used alternative methods of treatments in 2002. Doctors too suggest integrated methods of treatments wherein traditional alternative methods are combined with medicines.

However, while consulting a doctor for medicinal treatments, it is essential to mention your history of alternative treatments. Many doctors combine their medicines as per the alternative methods of treatments. This is must, as the doctor should give medicines that complement your alternative methods. The medicines prescribed cannot work otherwise, as none of the integrated treatments can give fruitful results.

However, you must only consult certified therapists who have the experience of allocating medicines and the treatments. Many a times, doctors do not hold certificates. Hence, it is essential to research about the doctor’s medical education.

There has been a significant growth in the use of such alternative methods of treatments. Yoga classes, Ayurveda centers, spa centers, etc are sprouting globally. This industry is gaining importance internationally with many education centers providing degrees for the same. These are traditional methods, but never considered of so much importance. They cure the problem slowly but permanently. Allopathic medicines cure the problem immediately and temporarily. Moreover, allopathic medicines have their own side effects on the body if take for a prolonged period. Hence, equal intake of these methods is essential for a holistic treatment of the problem.


Understanding the health problem and consulting the right alternative therapists or doctor is essential to get rid of any health disorder.

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