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Mobile applications designed to locate nearby gyms are simply useful for people hopping from one city to another for either work or pleasure. Many hotels do provide fitness centers; however, mobile apps can now provide you information about the nearest fitness center or gym that provides facilities as per your preference. Despite hotels offering fitness centers or gyms, the variety of gym equipments as well as the condition in which they are might not always suit you. A serious gym person would not enjoy his/her time at these places.


This is where the iPhone application Gymsurfing comes in handy. Developed by a company named Gymsurfing from San Francisco, California, it gives information of gyms at any location in California, Los Angelos, Miami, New York City, Toronto, and so on. The motto of this company is to provide an application that helps find the tourists and the visitors the best gym in their hotel vicinity.

It other than finding the best gym available in the vicinity also provides passes to attend for as many days you want. This application can provide you details of the equipments available, the prices on a daily basis, the address, contact details, etc. Additional facilities such as spas, swimming pools, saunas, etc are also available in these applications.


The varieties of gym included in this application are corporate style gyms that have luxurious, state of the art equipments. These gym passes cost $5 to $20 everyday. It will be releasing this application in Android phones and other Smartphones in a few days.

Apart from this, other applications include the OmFinder that provides information of the nearest yoga classes. GymPoints helps find classes that provide activities, such as martial arts or Pilates. You can also find extracurricular activity like aerobics, kickboxing, etc in this application, along with the details of course duration and fees.

Many tourists and business travelers try to make their trip a healthy one. Their routine workout does not change even when they are on their toes. Since they are constantly travelling from one country to another, it is important that such applications are adhered too when needed.

You will come across training shoes and costumes whilst travelling. In fact, this is a good habit amongst travelers as it takes care of their health too.


If you are a fitness freak, these gym applications will help you find best gyms on the go, so that you could get your daily dose of exercising.

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