Mind and body wellness : Hypnotherapy techniques to help you refocus

Hypnotherapy technique


Hypnosis through conversation draws its strength from the choice of words used. As a professional hypnotist, you need to master the skill of side track key factors using a set of stealth techniques. The potential hidden in a successful hypnosis session can undisputedly enhance focus. It helps holding on to memory depending upon the dynamics of memory, the skill and the technique of the hypnotist.


Induce sleep

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Hypnosis can induce deep slumber. The impact of hypnosis on the mind can be gauged by monitoring brain activity. A study revealed in a sample group of healthy females who were exposed to a hypnotic session fell asleep for 90 minutes.

Treat irritable bowel

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It can help relieve erratic and irritable bowel movement. Patients have reported improved movement in bowels after undergoing 12 weekly long hours of a hypnotic session.

Remedy to hot flashes

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Hypnosis can put an end to hot flashes. Among post menstrual women who complained about 50 hot flashes in a week, a hypnosis session of 5 weeks have mitigated the count of hot flashes by about 74 %, a study revealed 12 weeks after the session was over. Others who underwent a normal weekly clinical session reported only a 17 % fall in hot flashes.

Reducing pain

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It is very effective in reducing pain connected with a number of disorders like arthritis, fibromyalgia and cancerous conditions.

Soothes nerves

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Since hypnotism has the potential to have a grip on the power of mind, it is often used to relieve anxieties connected with other medical procedures like scan, surgery or even conditions of anxiety related to child birth.
How does it work?

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Hypnosis is a condition in which the mind attains deep concentration and it is focused on a mental impression. It is a skill that has to be acquired over years of practice and undivided tenacity. It is an expertise that needs to be learned from an efficient and trained therapist. With a regular and continued practice, self hypnotism comes easy. It is having a full control of your body and mind maneuvering them towards a route that seeks the desired alteration.

In a session of hypnosis, you are thrown in a state of trance and slip deeper into a very tranquil state of mind and delve deep into the subconscious. At this stage, a suggestion will be put forward at you by the therapist with a view to solve an issue. When the mind is powerfully focused, the post hypnotic suggestions have an intense impact and is said to work in the required direction.

Hypnotherapy technique to refocus

The following are the techniques:

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT or popularly known as the emotional freedom technique is a non invasive procedure where the therapist will train you to activate certain meridian points by touching those points by his fingertips. This attends the reasons behind emotional issues which are identified as energy meridians thrown out of equilibrium.

Abrupt alteration of discussion topic

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This is primarily a mental game where you completely alter the subject of discussion when you all on a sudden start talking about a new subject after cultivating the suggestion for total memory loss. You distract your patient from examining the suggestion too minutely and then again powerfully reinstating it.

Confusion technique

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To induce hypnotism, you can talk to a person in a confusing manner or could play a number game like counting back from 100 with your eyes opening on even number count and closing on odd ones. Like you open your eyes on 98 and close on 97. In this way, it is impossible to reach 1 as your mind gets tired of keeping count of odd and even intervals. The conscious part of the mind goes into slumber and subconscious mind remains awake taking you to the hypnosis stage.

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