Medical Astrology

As astrology deals with the way in which the position of the sun, the moon and the other planets and stars affects human beings. This is used as a helpful tool in predicting the future occurrences also.


Medical astrology is the relation of the influence cosmic situations and the health of a human being. Medical astrology is the study of the influence of the position of the stars and planets on the health, fitness and dietary habits of an individual.


A lot is given about astrology and medical astrology in particular in the ancient literature. While there is not much information available, it is clear that this form of alternative medicine dates back to the ancient period. 



The basic principle of medical astrology is that zodiac signs have specific characteristics and they can be related to certain areas of affections in the human body. As there are zodiac signs depending on the date of birth of an individual, there are various characteristics pertaining to people belonging to a zodiac sign. Similarly, according to medical astrology, these zodiac signs also have special affinity for certain body parts or ailments that can affect the individuals. It is this affinity of the signs that causes individuals to suffer from a specific type of health disorder.

Medical astrology believes that various stars and planets have their influences on specific body functions and can be related to specific human body systems. Additionally, just like traditional astrology, the different houses in the birth chart of a person have their own areas of significance. The presence of certain star or a planet in a particular house may indicate a possibility of a particular health disorder.



Medical astrology is an alternative treatment and is altogether a different science. It should be practiced by a qualified medical astrologer.

Medical astrology can be used to help in determining the onset of the illness. In case the affection has not started, certain preventive measures can be planned. By using certain parameters the medical astrologers may be able to guide the individual regarding the nature and severity of the illness.

While medical astrology cannot substitute medical treatment, it can be used as an indicator or in making some decisions regarding the health or treatment of an individual. It has also been useful in helping to know whether a surgical condition is inevitable or conservative measures can cure the ailment.

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