Easy tips on how to dissolve thyroid nodules naturally

What causes thyroid nodules?

A thyroid nodule may be a solid or liquid filled lump positioned on the thyroid gland. Over 95% of thyroid nodules are benign or non-cancerous. It may be single or may grow in an assemblage. The nodules can be cold, warm and hot depending upon the quantity of Thyroxin hormone production which determines the metabolic rate of our body.

One among 40 young adults has a thyroid nodule.. Few nodules are fluid filled cysts rather than thyroid tissue. There are ways to dissolve thyroid nodules naturally but one has to be watchful regarding its growth.

How to dissolve thyroid nodules naturally

The causes are identified as follows:


Hashimoto disease may be a cause. It is an autoimmune disorder when the antibodies inside the body assault the thyroid cells. The background cause may be genetic

Hyperthyroidism leading to an imbalance in the production of thyroid hormone may give rise to thyroid nodules.

Thyroiditis, a chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland could be a contributory factor as well.

Deficiency of iodine intake may be another factor.

Symptoms of thyroid nodules:

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The typical symptoms of thyroid nodules may be as follows:

-Pain and difficulty in swallowing when the size of the nodules is large enough.

-If the nodule is creating pressure on the windpipe, you may experience breathing difficulties.

– Your voice will turn croaky and that’s an indication of thyroid nodules.

– Experiencing pain at the back of your neck.

– Rapid and irregular heartbeats.

– Experiencing nervousness.

– Sleeping disorders.

-Unexpected weight gain or weight loss.

– All time fatigue.

-Experiencing constipation.

– Dry skin and hair and brittle nails.

– Acute sensitivity to cold.

How to dissolve thyroid nodules naturally?

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There are a number of natural ways to dissolve thyroid nodules. These are as follows:

-Regular intake of iodine will dissolve thyroid nodules naturally. Often iodine deficiency is the cause of nodule formation. The remedy is to eat iodine rich food or taking supplements.

-Chinese herbal supplements containing sargassum and ginseng extracts often help dissolve nodules naturally. Ginseng contains anti inflammatory compounds and sargassum contains iodine.

-To dissolve thyroid nodules naturally, a mix of apple cider vinegar and honey could work miracles. They help reduce the fat deposits in your body known as lipomas thereby facilitating in shrinking the size of the nodules.

-Herbal teas like chickweed or bamboo is very effective for dissolving thyroid nodules. They should be drunk regularly to achieve desired results.

-Use of Bentonite clay could be a stunningly effective natural remedy for dispensing with thyroid nodules. This clay will help eliminate the toxins from the body including those responsible for the growth of nodules. Bentonite clay may be applied as a mask to dissolve thyroid nodules.

-A mask made up of a mix of apple, honey and green tea applied over throat area will help shrink the thyroid nodules naturally.

Natural Remedies of Thyroid Nodules

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Medicinal white clay and cabbage in diet are effective remedies for removing thyroid nodules.

– Fulvic acid known as Shilajit in India is soluble in water. It has a number of healing properties. It is a detoxifying agent and can be a natural remedy for nodules.

-Take more of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Enriched with Vitamin C, these fruits boost the overall health helping in reducing the nodules naturally. You may need extra servings of these fruits for quick remedy.

-Regular consumption of broccoli can also be an amazing natural remedy for curing thyroid nodules.

-Thyroid nodules can be treated by intake of natural herbs like fructus trichosasanthis and laminaria. They help reduce phlegm around nodules.

– Intake of ginger Licorice can effectively combat the growth of thyroid nodules. They mitigate the swelling phlegm and reduce the nodule size.


-Exercise and acupuncture can well be effective solutions to your thyroid nodule issue. In several cases, regular workouts and acupuncture therapy have yielded positive results.

– Avoid fat and greasy foods. This will not only help in losing weight but also will reduce the risk of developing thyroid nodules. Deep fried foods, processed meat and red meat are to be strictly avoided.

– Take healthy fats like those present in nuts, seeds, lean protein and avocados.

– Avoid cheese, butter, pasta and tofu as these produce mucous and may prevent further growth of nodules.

– Cut down sugar consumption as it affects body immunity and cause inflammation creating favorable conditions for thyroid nodules.

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