DIY tips to avoid nosebleeds

close-up of a mother wiping her son's nose bleed

Nose bleeding is not considered to be very critical as it may occur due to rupture of blood vessels in the nasal mucosa. The rupture might happen due to various reasons. Some of the reasons may be blood pressure or hypertension, disorder in blood clotting, anticoagulant medication and so on. The primary reason of frequent bleeding is drying and thinning of the nasal mucosa, which is usually seen in aged people. As the blood vessels in aged people become weak, they become unable to constrict bleeding. Nose bleeding usually occurs in the anterior part of the nose that contains many blood vessels. About 60 per cent people in the world suffer from nose bleeding. Let us consider few tips to avoid and stop nose bleeding in a quick time.


Nose bleeding can stop at the earliest if your blood gets clot as soon as your nose starts bleeding. To clot the blood coming out of your nose, you may apply light pressure on the soft fleshy part of the nose, which is called the Little’s area. You need to apply pressure for at least 5 minutes up to 20 minutes depending on the time your blood needs to get clot. You may tilt your head a bit forward to maximize the effect of the applied pressure. If you want to help your blood clot soon, you may use a cube of ice to apply on your nose and cheeks. The cold will help in constricting the blood vessels and that will result in blood clot.


You can also use moisturizing cream such as Vaseline to prevent nosebleeds. Apply the cream inside your nose. Note that the cream should not cause any harm to your nasal layer and it should not be poisonous as there is a healthy chance of the cream moving to your throat through the passage between nose and throat.

You should drink enough water to help your mucous membrane remain moisturized as under hydration may result in drying up of the mucous present in your nostrils and that makes the nose bleed. Try to avoid sitting in air conditioned room for a long time. It dries up the mucosa from your nose and making you bleed from your nose.


If you are frequently suffering from nose-bleeding you should check your aspirin intake as it interferes in blood clotting. You can also start taking vitamin C as the deficiency of vitamin C can also make you prone to nose bleeding.

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