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Chakra Meditation

There is energy all around and also within us. It is present inside us in the form of emotions, consciousness, memory and life. The internal energy present in our body operates through the energy centers in our body. These are called chakras and there are seven such chakras or energy centers within us.

The seven chakras in our body are considered as a basis of our personality and all our life experiences are stored in there. These chakras react to the happenings in our life and respond to them. The chakras can interact with our physical systems through our nervous and endocrine systems.



The main principle behind chakra therapy is that if we are able to increase our consciousness, we are able to arouse the chakras, read them and we can see the bigger picture of our life. This is closely related to the principle of arousing the ‘kundalini’ as given in ancient systems. The chakras respond to specific colors and gem stones and this can be used to bring a healing effect by using the vibrational medicine.

It is considered that a diseased condition arises when there is disturbance in the balance of these chakras. This is possibly the cause of various symptoms that we suffer from like lack of strength, feeling of weakness, emotional disturbances, stress, etc. The entire system of chakras is inter-related and any disturbance causes the entire system to get disrupted.

The seven Chakras

The seven chakras are as follows:

  • Muladhar (Base) chakra – Located at the base of spine and responds to red color. It represents basic functions of hunger, sexuality and survival.
  • Swadhisthana(Sacral)chakra – Situated at lower abdomen and responds to orange color. It represents uterine, bladder and sexual functions.
  • Manipuri (Solar plexus) chakra – Located between the navel and the chest and responds to yellow color. It represents will power and determination.
  • Anahata (Heart) chakra – It symbolizes the heart and represents emotions. It is denoted by green color.
  • Visuddhi (Throat) chakra – It is located at the throat level and responds to sky blue color. It denotes expressions and communications.
  • Ajna (3rd eye) chakra – It is located between the eye brows and corresponds to the third eye. It is represented by indigo color and represents imagination, creativity and concentration.
  • Sahasrara (Crown) chakra – Located at the top of the head. It responds to violet color and denotes consciousness, inspiration and wisdom.


Various tools like colors, gemstones, crystals, music, light, sound, touch and aromatherapy are used to maintain balance among the chakras. This alternative treatment therapy is unique and is conducted in a peaceful environment to ensure the effective arousal of energy.



The chakra therapy is popularly used in the treatment of digestive and sexual diseases sleep and stress disorders, depression and to improve concentration. 

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