Acupuncture and its science based benefits

Acupuncture and its science based benefits

Acupuncture is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to standard medications and treatments usually recommended for certain medical conditions. Though a clear understanding of the working principles of the practice is yet to be established, many individuals opting for the procedure swear by its effectiveness in treating even those conditions that show little or no response to medications and treatments.

So how does acupuncture actually work? Researchers believe that the practice aims to reestablish the body’s energy and flow by discovering and utilizing untapped potential in the system’s nerves and muscles. When triggered (by the needles), these areas within the body can transform into potential healing centers that can in turn promote quick healing from illnesses, and can reduce the pain and discomfort caused by them as well.

In addition to this, acupuncture has several medicinal benefits when compared to other forms of treatments. These include:


The need for less painkillers

One of the best benefits of opting for acupuncture to treat certain medical conditions is that it reduces if not eliminates completely the need for the individual to opt for painkillers after the treatment. Individuals opting for acupuncture would not need to opt for additional drugs to control the pain, discomfort and other side effects that are common with alternate forms of treatment.

A much needed boost to the immune system

A majority of illnesses and diseases people suffer from these days is due to a weakened immune system. Acupuncture would give a body’s immune system a much needed boost to revive itself. This in turn would enable the body to fight off bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful pathogens that would otherwise cause several infections, illnesses and diseases.

Solution to tricky illnesses

Certain illnesses can be hard to handle with medications and treatments, and would only worsen with time. Acupuncture on the other hand can easily (and effectively) tackle conditions like conjunctivitis, toothache, eating disorders, stroke, sciatica, frozen shoulder, paralysis and osteoarthritis etc. Acupuncture can also effectively treat several musculoskeletal and neurological disorders with minimum or no side effects (and reduced chances for follow up treatments).


Effective cure for psychological disorders

A number of psychological disorders can be effectively cured with the help of acupuncture. These include conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and obsessive behavior. Acupuncture is also known to cure different kinds of phobias effectively with minimum recurrences.

Quick recovery from injuries

Acupuncture employs the use of very fine needles to increase the blood flow to an injured area in the body. Improved blood circulation at the site ofinjury can in turn promote quick healing from the wound, which is why acupuncture is considered an extremely popular option for tackling external and internal injuries in the body. The practice can also reduce the pain and discomfort due to these injuries, thereby offering an individual relief from the same until the wound heals completely.

An effective ‘Preventive Medicine’

Prevention is better than cure they say. And acupuncture actually proves that by helping people stay safe from a number of medical maladies. Many people opt for the practice even if they do not have any major illnesses to treat. Going under the needles (in this case) can help improve their general wellbeing, thus making their bodies less susceptible to illnesses or imbalances.

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