6 Yoga moves for back pain

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Practicing yoga also strengthens ones immune system and help fight diseases without pain medication usage.If you are suffering from backache lately and have not found any relief after trying bountiful medication, then it’s time to switch to yoga. Yoga is said to be the most effective and natural way of restoring ones health and aura alike. It takes care of both, your mental as well as physical health in demanding busy life. Backache is a very common aliment which occurs at least once in lifetime. The spinal cord is one of the most vital organs critical to central nervous system. Due to structural problems a number of aliments develop in the body resulting in backache as well as inefficient body movement. However, one should always keep in mind that yoga is not performed without proper guidance and expert advice. Yoga is not just an art but also science that capitalizes on simple laws of nature. After a long intensive research, it’s been found that yoga improves can cure several body aliments including back pain and chronic low back pain. Practicing yoga also strengthens ones immune system and help fight diseases without pain medication usage. Well, here we bring to you six yoga moves for back pain:

1. Fists Forward Bend

First forward bend is one of the most effective yoga postures that erects and takes care of your back. In this poster one has to stand in such a way that feet and hip are distant apart. Once you have created maximum distance slowly bend your knees whilst releasing your torso over your leg. Continue bending until and unless your belly starts touching your thighs. Rest for a second or two in this position and then try to draw your head closer to the feet. Try to relax your entire body and keep on squeezing the fists actively. In this posture try take deep breath so that more tension is released every time you exhale. It has been found that this particular posture is a central nervous system trigger that facilitates the back muscles to open up properly.

2. Wall Plank

The Wall Plank posture is also a vital trigger to relax the back muscles. In this posture one has to stand in front of a wall at his/ her arms’ length. Put your arms on the wall with all the fingers pointing toward the ceiling. Now start pushing your weight on the wall while drawing your navel back to maximize your stretch. Gradually you will reach a perfect L-shape. In case you are not very comfortable in such position adjust to maintain proper spin alignment. Now lift the navel while lowering the ribs and reaching the spine followed by head towards the wall. Repeat this exercise for around 10-20 breaths before moving onto a different posture.

3. Downward Facing Dog

This posture is termed as excellent for spinal traction and back health. For this asana position downwards with your palms placed on ground and feet-hip as well hand-shoulder distance apart. Make sure that back is in perfect position and don’t aches too much as such pose will shift the entire pressure point onto the shoulder joints which over-contract the back muscles. Lift the navel and front ribs in such a manner that additional thrust is generated by the shoulders. Now carve the tailbone in the direction of the heels and push both legs equally. The posture you have attained now will allow you to easily pull and grow the spine as well as head forwards. This yoga asana provides complete body realignment and stretch.

4. Pigeon

This one is a famous yoga posture which is also known as the “Angle of Mercy”. This posture is very effective to protect you from poor aching problems. Lower body muscles get released and realigned is such a manner like never before. Pigeon posture spring opens the muscles beneath saving one from several aliments. To get into this posture you need to bring right knee just behind the right wrist in such a manner that it at least touched the hips. Now, stretch left leg out as much as you can. You can also press your palms on the ground to release the extra tension on the feet.

5. Back Traction Pose

This pose effectively releases iliopsoas muscles and helps detoxifying the lower back spine. Lay down on your back facing the ceiling. Bent your knees, lift your hips and place a pillow or other kind of support in the centre of your hips in a skinny way. Now rest your hips on this support while gently walking on your feet wide. Bring your knees towards each other and again stretch across sacrum. Do remember to tighten your abdominal muscles to reduce the pressure on the back. Try to hold this posture for 5-10 breaths and then migrate to a different posture.

6. Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is the best pose to normalize the entire circulation system right from head to toe. It provides a counter stretch to the back after the backward bend and helps fighting stress and fatigue. Child’s pose is acclaimed for calming the brain and opening up the jammed muscles of the body. For this asana, kneel down and sit on your feet. Now try stretching with both hands folded above the head which must touch the floor. Let the forehead rest on the floor and swing back your hand s around to other side. One must refrain from doing this asana, if he/ she is suffering from diarrhea or any kind of knee injury.

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