20 Top family friendly Yoga Retreats and Wellness Resorts

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Spending quality time in a yoga retreat with your family including kids add value to your lives. Family friendly yoga retreats to take your kids along are many. These dream destinations are spread across the globe from Europe to Asia and from the Americas to Australia. Yoga and meditation itself are highly relaxing. Yoga retreats feature special trainers to deliver optimal benefits to adults by yogic healing; they have ample facilities to take care of your kids’ wellbeing too.

Our daily-life commitments are quite demanding. Physical and emotional tolls work deep inside us making a need for a break all the more imperative. If adults can feel the stress, kids are not spared either. A productive family holiday in a yoga retreat can best serve the purpose. How nice would it be for dad and mom to watch their kids playing around amid absolute tranquil settings?  Here we go.

20 fabulous family friendly yoga retreats for 2019:

  1. St Lucia, the Body Holiday Well Fitness:


The Body Holiday Well Fitness retreat in St Lucia is a perfect getaway to enjoy a family vacation filled with fun and designed for a healthy lifestyle. This is in the Caribbean with the kiss of sun, sand and surf in plenty. Yoga classes in Body Holiday are well thought out programs helping you connect with your inner self and family members.

Emphasis is on a nutritional diet, massaging and fitness workshops with an intense focus that your kids are not left neglected. The ambiance is supportive vibrant with color, fun and activities. They provide an excellent family friendly yoga vacation, effective enough to recharge your batteries. The creative Mother – Daughter session here is an ideal program to strengthen bonding between mum and her daughter. The pristine atmosphere brings an overall bliss to the family.

  1. Vietnam Fusion Maia Family Holiday:

Fusion Maia Family Holiday in Vietnam has mastered the art of delivering a relaxed holiday to customers. This could well be your family friendly yoga retreat for 2019 before the year closes. Yoga experts in Maia have worked out yoga plans that the entire family can draw the benefits together. These programs are unique suitable for all age groups, kids included.

At Maia, Yoga and Spa sessions restore equilibrium to your body and mind. They are worked out on a brilliant line to detoxify you from the core. The serene break at Maia takes you far away from the daily grind; a soul searching retreat for the entire family, way too wholesome and way too unparalleled.

  1. Soneva Kiri Family Holiday, Thailand:

This picture-perfect holiday retreat stands on the northern shore of Koh Kood island in Thailand. Here the attractions are multiple and guarantee a top-notch relaxed holiday for your entire family. Mindful meditation, tension-free strolls, carefully-programmed yoga classes, and snorkeling keep you all juiced up.

Kiri will give you a holiday to remember, a wonderful journey where the entire family goal blends into one excellent experience. An experience loaded with healthy habits and happy moments. The retreat specializes in kids’ diet plans and yoga techniques too. The unique Sex Senses Spa designed for kids is in full operation.

  1. Zighy Bay Family Holiday, Oman:

A lip-smacking gastronomical venture awaits you in addition to the rewards of a wellness camp. Food is delicious as well as nutritious, worth a family treat for cementing the feeling of love and care. Complimentary wellness programs proffered to guests and family include sunrise stretching and the Power Yoga.

The healthy routine is so scientifically set to infuse elements of optimism from the start of the day. Four state-of-the-art restaurants spread delicacies from all over the world. The health aspect is never discounted and gets top priority in terms of quality and food value.

For families with more adventurous inclinations, paragliding will set adrenaline rush high. Watching a movie under a star studded night sky with family members in Zighy Bay would be a lasting experience.

  1. Shanti Maurice Family Holiday, Mauritius:

This breathtaking retreat sprawling over 35 acres of tropical lush woods is appealing for wellness seekers. An abundance of sunshine breathes life into Shanti Maurice’s property. Besides beachfront yoga classes, a range of other activities on offer keep you rejuvenated. Kayaking and snorkeling in the glittering blue – green water are not to be missed!

Health sessions, yoga and fitness tutorials are held on a regular basis to deliver immense benefits to body and mind. It is a treat for the entire family to sit on white sand and get locked in a reverie glancing at the blue sea beyond the horizon. The refreshing breeze touches your heart, reinforces the family bonding where your kid plays a vital role.

  1. & Breathe Post Natal Flow, La Croix de La Jugie, France:

This is a serene escapade in the French countryside with green meadows and verdure does the magic. The retreat is a product of creativity conceived by a two-member team Bryn and Clio. They are specialists in providing solutions to distressed parents going through sleepless nights after their kids.

A family friendly yoga retreat with babies, the pioneers have put in a session of Post Natal Yoga classes to bring back vigor. Yoga sessions are crafted for kids as well. Baby massage is an important part of baby care which is delivered with precision. English speaking baby-seaters are available and the gears are modern and efficient. Rest assured your tiny tots won’t make it to the pool or the premises fringe. They are secured by fencing.

  1. Karma Surf Retreat, Yoga and Surf Family, Portugal:

Do not get discouraged by the choppy waves of Atlantic lapping the Portuguese coast. Karma Surf retreat has gone deep into it. To your surprise, they have mastered the trick of taming the waters and dancing on it. This amazing retreat coaches you and your little ones to surf the waves.

Your child will be under care round-the-clock so that you can attend yoga sessions leaving your kids in trusted hands. You might opt for dares like surfing on the high waves. The property is half an hour drive from Lisbon and perched in the slopes of Serra de Sintra Mountains. Booking a contemporary villa would be ideal. Food is delicious with generous helpings of barbecues from a talented Brazilian chef.

  1. Mamaheaven, Sussex, England:

Highly recommended for new moms, Mamaheaven in Florence House on the placid Sussex coast is a new-found nook of happiness. Spending every moment here would highly delightful as you connect with your progeny. Services offered are efficiently designed and include yoga classes, beach walks and massages.

You get quality time to bond with your baby. Babies up to 18 months are allowed and it is a swell time for new moms to spin constructive plans for the welfare of the tot. Child-minders and a crèche available here are of high standards. Food for new mums and kids are organic with high nutritional value.

  1. Ananda Village, Nevada City, California:

This property is located 6 miles away from Anandas chief 700 acres village. Nestled high up in the mountains in serene solitude, the retreat offers a “living wisdom family camp” extending for a week.

The entire family including kids has an introductory session of hatha yoga, meditation, satsang, and parent discussion on the impact of spiritualization on family life. It is a highly interactive session focusing on parent- child connection. Ananda Village is a splendid getaway and a family friendly yoga retreat to take your kids along.

  1. The Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health, Massachusetts, USA:

Kripalu has drawn up several programs where families can participate along with children. Two interesting programs are designed for young impressionable minds. One is ‘coming of age’ for both male and female children. The other one is ‘circus yoga for kids’. Partner yoga, old perfect balancing, storytelling and comic enactments ensure fun and relaxation.

A weeklong ‘children’s program ‘ is held in July, August, Thanksgiving and Christmas where kids aged 5 to 12 years have a ball. They are encouraged in yoga, dance, art, games and swimming. Parents subsequently attend yoga classes close by.

  1. Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, Buckingham, Virginia:

This yoga camp is open to children for the age group of 8 to 12 years. Yoga is taught with dedication by incorporating the fun factor. Camps run for weeks charged with activities including storytelling, hiking, swimming and camp fire.

The entire program is meticulously designed to give the children a stress-free fun week. They are brought close to nature as they stay in log cabins; it is a very relaxed atmosphere. Along with yogic preaching, benefits of non-violence and a vegetarian diet are inculcated in young minds.

  1. Three-day meditation and relaxing yoga holiday in Goa, India:

India is the birthplace of yoga so it comes as little surprise that a kid-friendly yoga retreat would be here. Trainers here are well versed in yogic philosophy and its application. Programs are custom-designed to take yoga and meditation classes to every age group.

The entire session runs into three days, techniques and training perfectly timed to yield maximum benefit. After a yoga session, your kid can resume going to school with a rejuvenated mind and novel set of values. Food is healthy including fruits and juices and kids get ample time to explore surrounding nature. Session done, bonding with parents turn firm.

  1. 7 Days Yoga retreat, Portugal:

The starters of this family retreat are a couple called Jenny and Igor. They have children and exactly know what role a good retreat can play cementing the parent – kid bond. In this picturesque retreat in Casa Vale de Lama, the vacationing family goes fun exploration, nature walks and outdoor activities.

They help strengthen the family tie. Walking on the pristine beach, bike riding and other fun and frolic give you quality time to share with kids. Regular yoga session, parent counseling and organic vegetarian diet keep you healthy and happy.

  1. 8 days nature and family yoga retreat, Midi Pyrenees, France:

This retreat set in a natural landscape is cut out for a family vacation in a relaxed mood. It supports reinforcement of family bonding. A number of quality programs are held like sculpting, guided nature walks, painting, crafts and yoga classes for both kids and their parents.

Campfires and singing are also a part of the fun on designated evenings. There is no chance for your kids to lose interest because programs are all thoughtfully drawn to make them exciting. Even you feel visiting your own childhood and relish every iota of the fun. You stay in La Borde Blanque and have vegetarian food high in nutrient content.

  1. Unity:

This yoga retreat is based in Brighton is a family friendly yoga retreat including kids. Kids club and an efficient child-minder is an important part of facility. Unity has multiple branches. We are talking about its Turkish franchise over here located at Farayala Hotel close to Olu Demiz in South Western Turkey.

You are exposed to a spectacular vista of the sea from the retreat. A state-of-the-art swimming pool exists; besides you have ample scope of exploring the mountains and beaches with family. Holistic therapies and 2 hours of yoga classes every day keep you physically and mentally tuned. Food is vegetarian and nutritious.

  1. Roro Family Yoga retreat, Andalucia:

Roro is more than just a Yoga retreat it is the Garden of Eden. Set in a farmhouse in a rustic habitat, vacationers attend top-class yoga lessons. The Mediterranean Sea is in front of you with all its supreme waterscape. A walk along the Spanish countryside would be a great idea and a part of well-designed program. Opportunities exist for kids for swimming and adventures. Efficient baby sitters are at your service round the clock. So you stay relaxed and concentrate on yoga lessons instead of worrying about your kid.

  1. Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros Islands, Bahamas:

The setting is so beautiful with the sun, sand and surf you like to spend here a weeklong vacation with family. Spring has a surprise every year for holidaymakers because “Annual Yoga and Scuba Diving / Snorkeling” held here. It is the brainchild of Marcia Miller, the Ohio based Hatha yoga instructor.

He had been the first vacationer in Small Hope Bay. Apart from regular hatha yoga tutorials, snorkeling and diving options exist. They are safe and custom-designed and offer tourists the opportunity to explore the world’s most mesmerizing coral reefs. Kids unwilling to go into the water can relax on kid-friendly beachfront lodge.

  1. Yoga Kids, Mexico and Costa Rica:

The Yoga kids program finds a weekly run in Maya Tulum, Mexico. It is possible because Marsha and Don Wenig, the founder of Yoga kids bring them to the Mexican coast. This is a parent-and-kid-oriented program where parents attend adult hatha yoga classes regularly.

For children, fun activities include swimming, storytelling, drumming, drawing and playful visualization. It is a ‘connect with nature and family concept’ where the entire vacation adds value to life. Other adventures include an excursion to Costa Rican rainforests, meditation, rafting, hiking and visiting fauna conservation centers.

  1. Ananda Family Friendly Yoga retreat, Mallorca:

The atmosphere is tranquil and verdant set in the middle of olive groves and almond trees. Located in Soller valley, this retreat is set in a quaint 17th century farmhouse. It is open to families including kids and offers exciting activities to keep guests engaged. Besides yoga classes for young and adults, kids have rounds of tennis. Scrumping fruits from orchards and taking a long and relaxed stroll on the beach bring them close to nature.

  1. Sivananda Ashram, Val Morin, Canada:

Way back in 1972, Swami Vishnu Devananda had started a children’s yoga camp in Canada. Children 7 to 12 years of age have been frequenting this place since then, setting up summer camps. The trend is carried down the generations and Sivananda Ashram is a very popular retreat till date.

Activities include karmayoga, storytelling, swimming, dancing, art, singing and multicultural scheme of activities. The property is built on 350 acres and located an hour’s drive from Montreal. Kids spend the night with counselors in a cabin. It is a healthy vacation that adds value to life.

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