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It is important to eat right and eat food that is rich in nutrients when you are living with Crohn’s disease. This will help you to manage the condition better as it does not cause […]


The modern lifestyle is such that many diseases or health disorders that never existed in the past are taking birth. Most of these problems are treatable; however, many of us keep thinking about a particular

Cucumber is one of the most highly cultivated vegetables in the entire world and is known for its various healing properties right from the treatment of chronic diseases like cancer to increasing the beauty of

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We crave for sweets and fast food never thinking of the ill effects it has on our body. Not only are they slow inducers of serious diseases but also give us immediate problems like indigestion,


Almost everyone like to feat on the delicious and alluring junk foods. However, these so-called fast foods can have a very bad effect on your overall health including your brain. The intake of these foods


Simple diet mistakes can derail your best efforts to get back into your favourite pair of jeans. While mindless snacking can pad your waistline, thoughtful snacking may just do the opposite. Drinking little water is


According to USDA, different types of proteins should be part of every woman’s diet. Nuts are a type of protein food with several health benefits and in many clinical studies, it has been found that

Food can help you to lose weight instead of gain weight. Here’s how you lose fat by eating right.

Total Elimination Diet (or TED) is a strict diet regimen, which is used to detect the food allergies in people, especially babies. Developed by William G. Crook, it was published in 1987. It involves controlling

Diet and nutrition that pave the way to excellent mental health

Present day life is too busy for you to focus on anything other than your work and particularly your health.  Your health seems to be the most neglected part of your life and most of

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