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Why it is important to understand the cause of a disease

The modern lifestyle is such that many diseases or health disorders that never existed in the past are taking birth. Most of these problems are treatable; however, many of us keep thinking about a particular disease without even knowing anything about its exact cause and accordingly, they consider them untreatable.


America has the lowest life expectancy as compared to the developed countries. Even though researchers are doing great job in discovering medicines for existing health problems; however, many diseases simultaneously take birth too. Chronic diseases affect every single of two Americans and thus, account for 80 percent of the costs. Some of them include Parkinson’s disease, ADD, autism, arthritis, asthma, etc.

While some of the ancient diseases owe their origin to microbe, the modern day chronic diseases have other origins and hence, they need to be treated in a new way.


Disease delusion is a perspective where medicine does not solve health problems, but functional medicine does. It basically means balancing components, or regular functioning of the body organs to create a healthy and stable body. It organizes and stabilizes the body functions and symmetry.

As per this theory of Dr. Jeffrey Bland, diseases do not exist. Disease is simply a name to the problem rather than the root cause of it. Hence, understanding the cause of the problem is important rather than finding the disease. Moreover, causes for the same disease may vary from person to person. Hence, finding the source is critical rather than finding the disease.


For example, some of the numerous causes of depression may include unstable diet, lifestyle, environment, side effects of a medicine etc. Hence, treating a person with depression only for the health problem cannot solve the issue. Finding the right cause and treating the person for the cause can automatically treat the person of depression.

Functional medicine is a method to understand the roots of the symptoms or un-welcome changes in the body. It does not simply mean improvement in diet, environmental conditions, relieving stress etc. Hence, finding the root cause and treating it creates what we call health. Once health is created, diseases shy away.

However, the functional approach is yet to find its place in the medicine industry. Since ages we have been tied up to the traditional approach of treating the disease and not finding the cause of it. Hence, disease delusion can be considered the new perception of the new medicinal world. Finding the root cause, rather than simply treating any disease the same way is important.


Disease Delusion can help find a permanent solution to any disease or health disorder. It is the new age perception.

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