Understanding common mistakes we make while dieting

Dieting is a cyclic process, which one needs to understand before he or she joins the bandwagon. As a rule of thumb, any person who diets acquires 11 pounds. On the loss of weight, muscles as well as fats are lost. Moreover, the metabolism of a person slows down considerably when compared to days when he or she started dieting.


Many a times you see people who become obese even if they do not each much. The reason behind this is that they do dieting in a wrong manner, which reduces their metabolism rate. The most important method to lose weight is to control the thought that you are hungry.


Strong willpower rather than diet strategies

Many diet tips or schedules induce hunger in a person. Many ancient methods prevent us from starving. Moreover, many fast foods and high calorie foods can increase the hunger, thus making you eat more. One should understand that eating should be to satisfy the appetite, not the thought that you are hungry and hence, can eat more.


Focus on calories

In the modern world, we relate the word fat to calories, however, that is not true since not all types of calories make a person fat. Added sugars and oily food increase the level of insulin in the body, which generate the craving for more food. Having a proper big meal will keep your hunger at bay.


Consuming low fat diet

Many diet tips mention low-fat diet food. Every food item is associated with calories and the nutrients your body will get after consuming it. However, according to recent observations, added sugar increases weight rather than the fat in your food. Anyone who consumes high fat food loses weight easily compared to the other who consumes extra-added sugar. Hence, do not keep food items that are good in fats away from your dietary supplements.


Much needed medical assistance

Sometimes, medical problems within the body too can induce a substantial weight gain. For example, inflammation triggers weight gain and reduces resistance to insulin. Inflammation is caused by dairy products and sweet food items, such as cakes, cookies etc. Moreover, many chemicals present in vegetables and fruits can also lead to weight gain. These pesticides or chemicals contain ‘obesogens’, which lead to weight gain.


No planning

Since being healthy is a natural process, we should design our lifestyle in such a manner that our body retains its metabolism rate.


Diet is more of a psychological process rather than the mechanical process of eating. Hence, think right and lose weight naturally.

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