Diet to Follow if You Have Crohn’s Disease

It is important to eat right and eat food that is rich in nutrients when you are living with Crohn’s disease. This will help you to manage the condition better as it does not cause inflammation or lead to remission. Some foods can worsen or even alleviate your symptoms, so ensure that your foot has plenty of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Here are some foods to eat for a Crohn’s diet:

Wild Salmon

This fish has a high nutritional value as it contains omega-3 fats, which help in fighting inflammation as well as help in the absorption of soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Salmon is a great source vitamin D that helps in increasing immunity and strengthening bones.


People suffering from Crohn’s disease need to have a diet that is high in calcium and yogurt is undoubtedly the best source. You can try the low fat Greek yoghurt or even the plain one. Greek yoghurt as two times the protein content as it is basically concentrated yoghurt and is very rich and creamy as the whey is filtered out. Even if you are lactose intolerant, yoghurt will not be a problem as it contains natural bacteria, else opt for the lactose free yoghurt variety.

Smooth Nut Butters

Soy nut, cashew, peanut and almond butters are high in protein as well as calories. However, these butters also provide a great supply of niacin, fiber and vitamin E and since they are high on calories, people wanting to put on weight will find them beneficial.


Eggs are a hearty meal and whether you have them scrambled, omelet, hard-boiled or frittata, you would be getting six grams of protein and some iron. The yolk of the egg contains vitamin D as well as lecithin, which helps in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. However, if you are having cholesterol issues then mix one whole egg with two or three egg whites.


If you are suffering from Crohn, you must follow a proper diet to control the disease. Here are some nutritious foods that will help you control or curb the Crohn’s disease.

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