Foods that need to stay out of your diet

We crave for sweets and fast food never thinking of the ill effects it has on our body. Not only are they slow inducers of serious diseases but also give us immediate problems like indigestion, stomach problems etc.

Some of the foods one needs to seriously avoid are:

Oreo Cookies and Snickers

Oreos are high on sugar and chemicals. Snickers contain 6.5 tsps of sugar as compared to the daily intake of 1 tsp by the body. This induces more cravings. Moreover, the fat content in snickers can increase the pressure on the heart. On an average, a daily intake of a single bar can increase 31 pounds of weight annually. Intake of this amount of sugar not only damages your immune system but also weakens your brains.

Non-organic strawberries

As the name suggests, these strawberries are soaked in chemicals namely pesticides and fungicides. Their proportion is highly hazardous. The workers working in the factories wear suits to protect themselves from the chemicals put on these strawberries. How can you think these fruits can be safe even after washing them numerous times?


Bacon has high amounts of fats and additives. 69% of the highly loaded calories in bacons are damaging fats. A single ounce of bacon comprises of 30mgs of cholesterol. These give rise to cancer and chronic diseases. This is made with high levels of sugar along with enormous body damaging elements namely artificial maple flavor, corn syrup, sodium nitrite etc. That is a bucket full of body damaging nutrient.

Junk food

Junk food is the most had and popular food amongst all age groups. They not only have no nutrition but also comprise of preservatives and high calories. High consumption of junk food amongst females can cause chances of breast cancer. Moreover, they contain chemicals that excite the brains thus causing neurological brain damage. It also reduces the memory capacity of individuals.

Diet Soda

Diet soda increases the problem of obesity. Drinking more than two cans a day can increase the probability of obesity by 500%. Moreover, the colas can erode your teeth of the essential calcium thus causing breakages. The artificial sweeteners can cause kidney problems. These high calories can risk you to the high probability of strokes and heart diseases.


These foods can be highly attractive as well as delicious but their regular intake can cause serious problems to the health. Why risk your life to satisfy your taste buds?

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